See a pothole call the county

Now that spring has arrived, one set of driving hazards – snow and ice – has been replaced with another – potholes.Hitting a large pothole could damage tires, rims, and other front end parts of vehicles.The damages can add up with tires themselves costing around $150 for repairs, but the full price varies from vehicle to vehicle and depends on the size of the pothole it hit.“We’ve had a few in here already with blown tires from potholes,” said a representative from the Queensway Garage in Simcoe.Norfolk County Public Works crews have started repairing the potholes that developed over the winter.Filling potholes happens year-round, but spring is the busiest time of year. This is due to frost coming out of the ground and the increased amount of rain that falls during the spring months.The public works department is also turning to residents to let county staff know about the location of potholes.“Our crews are always on the hunt for potholes, but we can’t be everywhere all the time,”  Shawn Vanacker, Norfolk County’s Director of Roads, said in a media release. “So we rely on residents to help us identify problem areas, allowing us to make repairs quickly and efficiently.”Residents can call 519-582-2100 to report potholes. read more