Minister Reiterates in Tunis Moroccos Call for New Maghreb Order

Tunis – Minister delegate for foreign affairs Mbarka Bouaida reiterated, on Thursday in Tunis, the call of Morocco to establish a new order within the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), the only bloc that could achieve complementarity and regional integration and strengthen its presence among regional and international groupings.For this end, the Kingdom is ready to examine all means to revive AMU, set priorities and develop working methods given that the Maghreb’s building is a strategic choice, a historical achievement and an unavoidable people’s demand, said Bouaida at the 34th session of the Union’s foreign ministers council.Bouaida urged member countries to transcend the current situation by adopting new mechanisms and approaches in terms of decision-making to ensure efficiency in dealing with the new regional and international situation. Highlighting the Union’s important accomplishments, Bouaida drew attention to obstacles to overcome in order to revive the Maghreb order, recalling the stances by HM King Mohammed VI who reiterated, on several occasions, Morocco’s attachment to Maghreb’s building as a strategic choice and its commitment to help with the emergence of a new order beyond all sources of disagreement.Given the current juncture, in addition to economic, security and development challenges, the official underlined the pressing need for bold initiatives to overcome this situation via a coherent, integrated and participatory approach to turn AMU into an influential grouping.She also insisted on the respect of the principles of good neighborliness, and the preservation of countries’ unity and sovereignty to establish a just and global peace.With MAP read more