Suspects in Fikri Case to Appear in Court on December 6

Rabat – Al-Hoceima’s investigative judge is set to switch into a detailed investigation on December 6 following the tragic death of Mouhcine Fikri, fishmonger who was crushed to death in a trash compactor while protesting the confiscation of his merchandise by authorities last month.The judge will determine the results of the case by embarking on a thorough investigation based on the evidence that the prosecution accumulated against the suspects involved in Fikri’s death.The investigation is set to expose the reasons behind Fikri’s death by charging anyone suspected in the fishmonger’s death. Since the death of Fikri last month, 11 suspects have been arrested to date, including officials of Al-Hoceima’s fishing delegation, such as a delegate for fishing, the head of the fishing delegation department, and the chief of staff of the veterinary department.Meanwhile, eight suspects are remanded in custody. They will appear in court in December. read more