How to play PS4 games on the Xbox One kind of

first_imgSony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are destined to be enemies. They will be the kind of enemies you’d find in a JRPG that hold a mutual respect for one another, yet understand that — one day — someone’s going to have to be returned to the Lifestream (or whatever). When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, and explained its HDMI passthrough, many of us instantly took to Twitter to make jokes about how we’re going to hook our PS4s up to our Xbox Ones. Now, Microsoft executives officially confirmed that we were all not only hilarious, but totally right.Microsoft confirmed that you’ll be able to “snap” the HDMI signal to an Xbox One game, so that HDMI signal could be your PS4 games.Does this mean anything significant for Microsoft and Sony’s battle for a home underneath your TV? Not really. While the ability to play two different consoles on the same television at once is amusing, you — as human being occupying a single plane of existence at any given time — can’t play two games at once. Take it from me, a genius who once attempted playing Oblivion on the PC while trying to make progress in Kingdom Hearts II on the PS3. An actual benefit of this console centipede, though, is that if you’re short a port on your television, you can just plug the PS4 into the Xbox One, and the Xbox One into your lone High-Definition Multimedia Interface socket.At the moment, we’re a little unsure if this means you can actually control a PS4 game in a split-screen kind of overlay while someone else is controlling an Xbox One game. It depends on how the Xbox One’s snap actually works, and if it can display the PS4 overlay but provide focus to the Xbox One portion of the screen. Even if it could, smooshing two HD, widescreen games onto a single screen probably won’t go so well.It’s also worth noting that if the Xbox One can display PS4 games via HDMI, then it can likely display any games being output through HDMI, such as PS3 or Xbox 360 games. If you want to take that a step further, you can create a daisy chain of output converters and hook almost anything up through your Xbox One. Too bad about that whole single plane of existence thing, though.last_img read more