Universitea’ connects women across campuses

first_imgOn Saturday, the Movimiento Estundiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) club at Notre Dame  invited women from Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross to join Notre Dame women at “Universitea,” a tea party discussion about the differences and stereotypes within the tri-campus community. The event provided a social forum for these women to come together and review their similarities and differences while talking about the barriers that exist between the three institutions, sophomore event coordinator Peggy Tull said. Participants at the tea party were each handed a pink carnation upon arrival and directed to one of nine tables. If women arrived in a group, the group was divided so that no woman sat exclusively with friends. A moderator from MEChA sat at each table, and led discussion on a specific topic. “The people who had volunteered to be moderators … pick[ed] which topic interested them the most,” Tull said. Topics included expectations prior to and after arriving on campus, the impact of social media, parties and social lif,; society’s effect on the campuses and the influence of men on the interactions of women from the three campuses. Tull said the idea was to get women talking to see what problems everyone recognized and what they felt could be done about it. “We wanted to figure out some solutions to the issues on [Notre Dame’s] campus and between campuses and even convey some of them to the administration if we can,” Tull said. Overall, she said she believed the event was a success. “Although it generated a lot of good discussion about what people at [Notre Dame] can do, this one event can’t do everything that we want it to,” she said. “There were a lot of things we could’ve talked more about … but if it left people with more to say, that’s always a good thing.” MEChA hopes to involve more students, including male students, in future events revolving around the same subject. Although the women at the tea party were encouraged not to identify themselves directly with their school, MEChA club member and Universitea moderator Rose Walsh said her group had been mostly from Saint Mary’s. “We were initially hoping to focus on [female] students,” Tull said. “We felt removing the male presence from an event might make women more comfortable, [although] male students are just as responsible for issues between campuses.” Tull said the idea for the event arose out of last year’s MEChA event, “Gender Roles at Notre Dame.” The name of the event had been changed, after an initial title referencing “MRS degrees” and “SMC Chicks” provoked a lot of con troversy. Walsh said she thought the event had Saint Mary’s students in particular very riled up. Walsh said the moderators  diffused the tension pretty quickly and made some friends,” but the conflict showed MEChA club members there were underlying issues between the campuse  and especially between the women of the community. Tull said the club’s pillars are family, education and service, with a broad focus on social justice. Universitea was designed to address the breakdowns in the family of the Holy Cross community. “This event was focused on the family aspect between our schools,” she said. “Right now, that [tri-campus] family is not nearly as strong as it should be. “Considering how close we are geographically and how involved we are in each other’s experiences, it should be a much warmer, friendlier environment – one that builds and supports each other.” Strong, healthy relationships with one another is important to creating a unified effort to promote positive change in the community, Tull said “One thing about MEChA is … we want to help improve the world not just our own campus,” she sai,. .[But] you can’t help anyone else when your own house is fractured.” Tull said students who are interested should look for MEChA’s five-day event, Semana de la Mujer, this spring. She also encourages students to follow MEChA on Facebook and Twitter, or email [email protected] for more information. Angelica Martinez, MEChA co-president, said she hopes other clubs will follow MEChA’s lead in confronting inter-campus issues. “I hope that we aren’t the only club that’s making an effort to make these campuses a whole community,” Martinez said. Contact Tabitha Ricketts at [email protected]last_img read more

Uruguayan Peacekeeping Operations School Trains Troops for Overseas Missions

first_imgThe training program helps prepare Uruguayan Troops for peacekeeping missions throughout the world. Since 2004, for example, Uruguay has contributed Soldiers and police officers to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Uruguay had 1,200 Troops in the Caribbean nation by 2010, though its contingent has been gradually reduced to 250. Protecting civilians a top priority Military Troops headed to overseas missions will have to interact differently with the people they encounter than they would if they were at home or in a situation of war, so training them on protecting civilians is important. “In fact, our diplomatic mission to the UN has always maintained POC as one of its top priorities,” said Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Frachelle, ENOPU’s director. “When ITS offered up a training kit specifically dedicated to this topic, we decided to adopt it immediately.” On October 23rd, 21 Chilean, Paraguayan, and Uruguayan service members completed the most recent Protection of Civilians (POC) course offered by the Uruguayan School for Peacekeeping Operations (ENOPU). In addition to training Uruguayan Troops, members of the military from other friendly nations have also participated in ENOPU’s PKO courses. The school collaborates regularly with other countries in different ways, such as sending Troops and instructors to POC courses abroad, or bringing international courses to be taught locally. In addition to Haiti, Uruguay also contributes to UN PKO missions in the UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO), the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), the UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), and the UN Operation in the Ivory Coast (UNOCI), according to the UN report “Troop and Police Contributors.” In September, several nations contributed to training Uruguayan service members deploying to MONUSCO in the Tactical Combat Life-Saving Course (TCLS). The combat medic course was customized for the Uruguayan troops at ENOPU and taught by four Peruvian and two Salvadoran instructors, two U.S. combat medics from the Special Operations Forces, and a member of the U.S. Southern Command’s Command Surgeon’s Office. Preparing service members for peacekeeping missions “The majority are sent to countries considered friends, such as Argentina and Chile, for example. We also send instructors [abroad] as part of bilateral agreements or as part of duties of the Latin American Association of Peacekeeping Operations Training Centers. Some of our instructors are also at the service of the UN itself, so through the UN, we have sent instructors to courses in countries like Austria, Sweden, and Mexico.” center_img In 1998 the Uruguayan Military created the National School of the Army for Peacekeeping Operations (ESPE) to support overseas missions, but officials later changed the institution’s name to its current form, ENOPU. By Dialogo December 16, 2015 Courses like POC and TCLS are important components of peacekeeping missions. “As years have passed – and with them the growth in international cooperation in the formation and training for peacekeeping missions – results have gotten much better. We hope that there will be continued investment in this area, which is of high importance for a large part of the international community, especially those states which cooperate on this issue. Uruguay is committed to working toward peace.” Backer, who works for the National System of Peacekeeping Operations, added: “The ENOPU course provided me with a holistic view on the topic because it dealt with external influences and how this, in turn, affects all levels of a peacekeeping operation. All of the instructors had deep understandings of their training modules and communicated their knowledge with eloquence and grounding. It is of utmost importance that these types of courses be offered to the Armed Forces and even to civilians and other police officials, since the content of these courses gives students a general vision of what the UN’s missions’ goals and missions are.” The students — who were part of the Army, Navy, or National Police — completed courses on the United Nations’ (UN) peacekeeping operations (PKO) missions focused on protecting civilians during conflict, on the problems they may encounter in distinct mission areas, and on the measures used to resolve them. The course was made available by the UN’s Department for Peacekeeping Operations and Integrated Training Service (ITS), and concluded with informative talks and an exercise requiring students to apply what they learned. “In order to do my job, I must always be aware of the missions’ mandates, and, without a doubt, protection of civilians is of great concern to peacekeeping missions,” Elena Backer, a translator and interpreter for the Uruguayan Army who participated in the course, told Diálogo. “I always have to be up to date on the content and terminology utilized in the missions.” Col. Frachelle explained that Uruguay has a long tradition in peace missions, “but within a context where the environment and threats in our mission areas are constantly evolving, so we too must evolve our techniques and training in order to remain current”. last_img read more

Dean Skelos Wiretaps Reveal Greed, Schemes & F-Bombs

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Albany, the New York State Legislature’s infamous seat of power, has been synonymous with corruption for as long as lawmaking has been equated with sausage-making—with the juiciest link served this week.Monday’s arrest of New York State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) on federal corruption charges came three months after former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) lost his leadership post amid similar accusations. Most telling in the latest case was the profanity-laced cynicism sprinkled throughout transcripts of Skelos’ wiretapped phone conversations that the FBI and federal prosecutors partly used to make their case.“I tell you this, the State is not going to do a fucking thing for the County,” Skelos’ son, Adam, who was also arrested, was recorded as saying, according to court documents. “Any favor that [Nassau County Executive] calls and asks for, it’s not happening. ”Authorities said that Adam was mad that Nassau wasn’t paying AbTech Industries, an Arizona-based environmental company that he and his father allegedly extorted $10,000 monthly payments from, in exchange for helping the business secure a $12 million county contract. That lack of payment meant Adam’s alleged bribes were in doubt, prosecutors said.Rarely does the public get a glimpse into the sausage-making machine to see how rotten the chefs and their ingredients are. But the government’s 43-page criminal complaint against 16-term senator Skelos and his 32-year-old son offers a peek, besides listing charges ranging from conspiracy and extortion to fraud and solicitation of bribes. Just like Silver before them, both men have pleaded not guilty to the charges.The documents paint Adam as a low-life, do-nothing leech whose most profitable talent is feeding off his father’s publicly financed teat. Pappa Skelos is depicted as a callous, money-crazed thug who could care less about his constituents, or his alleged misdeeds as long as it spares his son from having to earn an honest day’s pay.After Adam learned that Nassau County was entering into a public-private partnership with another company to run its sewage facilities—including the troubled Cedar Creek and Bay Park sewage treatment plants—he immediately called his daddy to complain, the court papers state.Dean saw the funerals of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu—both of whom were murdered earlier this year in Brooklyn—as a chance to shake down Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano in person, prosecutors alleged in the complaint.Dean called Mangano to arrange a ride with him to Liu’s Jan. 4 wake while “using coded language to refer to AbTech’s complaints as ‘the situation,’” according to the court documents, pressuring the county exec to hurry up and pay the company.“Somebody feels like they’re just getting jerked around the last two years,” Skelos told Mangano, according to the documents. “So we’ll talk tomorrow.”Mangano’s office called Dean back the next day and said that the payments had been expedited, the documents show. Later, when the allegations went public, the Nassau County Executive and Democrats in the Nassau County Legislature proposed rival lobbying reform bills.The cash-strapped county’s money continued to flow, enriching Skelos’s son even though Adam, who prosecutors alleged was only hired by AbTech because of his father, admitted to a confidential informant that he “literally knew nothing about water or, you know, any of that stuff.”It seems ignorance pays–if you know the right people. In a telling section of the complaint, the shameless Adam and Dean shared a laugh at the plight of every day Long Islanders in the disastrous wake of a nor’easter that flooded LI in December, according to investigators. While LI saw floods, misery and destruction, the father and son saw green, because AbTech’s contract with Nassau was for stormwater filters.“We got some major water problems here with all the flooding going on… I love it! Keep it coming Mother Nature! Keep it coming!” Adam rejoiced to his father in a wiretapped phone conversation on Dec. 10, laughing as the Island flooded, according to the documents. Dean replied: “It will.”Equally as apparent as their greed is their disdain for Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York who filed the charges against them.Adam unloaded on another intercepted call with his father, complaining that Dean couldn’t give him “real advice” about the ongoing scheme. “You can’t talk normally because it’s like fucking Preet Bharara is listening to every fucking phone call,” he allegedly said in the wiretaps. “It’s just fucking frustrating.”“It is,” agreed his dad.The wiretaps reveal that the pair became cautious, and angry, following the Jan. 22 arrest of then-Speaker Silver. This included using communications that Adam thought the feds couldn’t tap, such as iPhone’s popular “FaceTime” function—which allows users to see and talk to each other through a cellphone video link.“That doesn’t show up on the phone bill,” the hapless Adam told a government informant in a recorded call, “just the data plan,” according to the wiretap transcripts.The father-son team also allegedly used a disposable “burner” phone to try and skirt surveillance. Even still, they were overheard whining about the feds investigating state corruption.In another call, Adam asked Dean to call him back using his wife’s phone, and after telling his father he’d be “very, very vague” on the phone, his dad allegedly told him: “Right now we are in dangerous times Adam.”In March, according to investigators, Adam complained to a state Senate staff member it was “fucking frustrating” he couldn’t openly speak to his dad because he couldn’t “just send smoke signals or a little pigeon with [a] fucking note [tied] to its foot.”With charges filed against both Skelos and Silver—two of the so-called “three men in a room” who, along with the governor, shape the Empire State’s legislative agenda—Bharara said that is was clear that corruption is “a deep-seated problem in New York State.”New York consistently ranks high on public corruption analyses, ranging from Capital New York’s list in January to nonprofit State Integrity’s latest investigation and a Monmouth University poll last month, which ranked the Empire State No. one.Gov. Andrew Cuomo, on the other hand—who controversially disbanded the Moreland commission probing public corruption last year—appears to be in denial, since he recently told New York 1 that the state capitol is no more corrupt than anywhere else.“You’ve always had, and you probably always will have, some level of corruption,” he was quoted as saying. “Power corrupts, and government is a source of power. You have it in the City Council, you have it in the state Legislature, you have it in the Congress of the United States, so that continues.”Hell, there’s so much corruption among New York’s army of disgraced lawmakers that there’s even plans to memorialize them all within a Museum of Political Corruption. Its proposed headquarters? You guessed it: Albany.last_img read more

Changing lives, 5 seconds at a time

first_imgMel Robbins is a dynamic CNN legal analyst, an entrepreneur, a sought-after personal development speaker whose message has changed (and even saved) lives, and a take-charge mother of three with a successful marriage.She’ll be the first to tell you it wasn’t always that way.In the wake of the financial crisis, Robbins had lost her job and her husband’s business was on the ropes—putting immense pressure on the family financially and pushing Robbins to the brink emotionally.She argued too much with her husband, snapped at her kids, drank too much, and did little to get back on her feet professionally.“It felt like everything I had worked toward was disappearing before my eyes and all my hopes and dreams had evaporated,” she says. “I was in a hole, and I had no idea how to get the courage or the confidence to get myself out of it.”The epiphany came one evening when Robbins watched a TV commercial that featured a countdown to a rocket launch. She committed on the spot to breaking the bad habit of maxing out her snooze button and taking the first step toward regaining control of her life. continue reading » 17SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Grim picture as Indonesia enters sixth month of COVID-19 outbreak

first_imgYudi Fajar, a senior researcher at the SMERU Research Institute, said that despite the severity of the public health crisis, coordination and policy implementation were mostly relegated to ministries and other government institutions, much like how the bureaucracy worked prior to the pandemic.A jumble of policies and actions has been the result, creating confusion among the public, Yudi said.“Such indecisiveness has been one of the main reasons there is a heightened sense of false security among the public, which has in turn worsened the situation. This is a vicious cycle,” he told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.To effectively handle the crisis, Yudi said the government needed to strengthen its institutions and improve its workflow and coordination.In recent weeks, more and more municipalities and regencies have been classified as high-risk “red zones”, where new infection clusters have been detected, while the country as a whole has seen consecutive record daily highs in new confirmed cases.Data from the nation’s COVID-19 task force show that on Aug. 16 only slightly above 5 percent of the archipelago was classified as red zones. By Aug. 30, that percentage had nearly tripled.Epidemiologists have also raised concerns the rate of infection could overwhelm the country’s health facilities, putting health care workers at greater risk. As of Wednesday, at least 102 doctors had died from COVID-19. The deaths of many more nurses, midwives and other health workers are not fully accounted for.Despite the grim picture, many people are continuing to live their lives like normal, ignoring basic safety measures, like wearing a mask in public. The central and local governments have also yet to impose strict measures to ban large gatherings and restrict mobility to curb the virus.Read also: Patients crowd hospitals as Indonesia loses 183 ‘priceless’ medical workersIndonesian Epidemiologists Association (PAEI) chairman Hariadi Wibisono said the government’s promotion of the idea of a “new normal” was to blame for the rising infections, a concept popularized as authorities sought to jumpstart the flagging economy.“The government’s policies have been ambivalent, as they permit the reopening of public places, allowing people to gather. So, people have the perception that they can adapt to a new life now that the war on COVID-19 is over. But the virus is still here with us,” Hariadi said.President Jokowi’s administration has faced criticism since the early days of the pandemic for its lackluster efforts to contain the transmission of the virus. The President insisted that a complete lockdown was not the right approach for the country, and chose instead to implement a partial lockdown through so-called “large-scale social restrictions” (PSBB) on March 31, almost a month after Indonesia confirmed its first cases on March 2.The President also attracted public criticism following his call to “peacefully coexist” with COVID-19 on May 7, as the country stepped up preparations for the introduction of “new normal” protocols as a prerequisite for the easing of PSBB measures.“Until an effective vaccine is discovered, we have to peacefully coexist with COVID-19 for a certain period going forward. And we are lucky, as at the beginning we chose to implement PSBB measures, not a lockdown. The PSBB measures involved restrictions on activities in public spaces,” Jokowi said in June.Jokowi also previously told his ministers that Indonesia needed to flatten the curve “at all costs”, setting a goal to bring transmission under control by July.On Monday, Jokowi was quoted by Reuters as saying that the pandemic would reach its peak in Indonesia in September and that it would begin to taper off soon after.In its most recent “new-normal” policy, the government has allowed more schools to open, both in moderate-risk yellow zones and in low-risk green zones.Read also: Curfews will do little to stop COVID-19 surge in Greater Jakarta, say expertsIn Jakarta, Governor Anies Baswedan recently decided that cinemas would soon be allowed to reopen, despite the fact the capital recently recorded its highest daily increase in infections.“We will prepare the complete regulation soon, which will cover all aspects pertaining to the implementation of health protocols, following the [COVID-19] task force’s recommendations,” Anies saidOn Sunday, four days after Anies made the announcement, Jakarta recorded 1,114 new cases, the highest daily spike so far, as the capital city returned to being the country’s epicenter of the outbreak, surpassing East Java.Laura Navika Yamani, an epidemiologist from the Surabaya-based Airlangga University, said the fact Indonesia had not reached its peak of the outbreak even after six months was a clear indication that measures to control the spread of the virus had failed.Laura said the government could rectify the situation by putting the economy on the backburner and beginning to follow the guidelines made by epidemiologists.“There is no other way other than implementing health protocols in these circumstances,” Laura said. Read also: Indonesia’s latest official COVID-19 figuresThailand, on the other hand, has reported zero cases of local transmission for 100 days in a row, joining a small group of places like Taiwan where the pathogen has been virtually eliminated. Thailand has not recorded a single case of community transmission since May 26, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, based on data from the country’s health ministry.The Philippines’ health ministry, meanwhile, recorded 2,218 new coronavirus infections on Wednesday, the country’s lowest daily increase in cases in five weeks, and 27 additional deaths.Public health experts and epidemiologists have blamed the worsening situation in Indonesia on what they call a “business-as-usual” approach taken by the central government and regional administrations, some of which have decided to relax social restrictions while case numbers have been continuing to rise. As Indonesia enters its sixth month since COVID-19 first reached it shores, the administration of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo continues to struggle to get on top of the public health crisis, as indicated by the resurgence of spikes in new cases, while other countries in the region, like Thailand and the Philippines, have been able to claim success in their handling of the pandemic.Indonesia reported 3,075 new cases on Wednesday, bringing the country’s overall tally to 180,646, data from the Health Ministry’s website show.The country witnessed 111 more deaths on Wednesday, taking the total number of fatalities to 7,616, the highest death toll in Southeast Asia.center_img Topics :last_img read more

Van Gaal wants a relaxed Rooney

first_imgLouis van Gaal has told Wayne Rooney he must relax if he is to be a successful leader of Manchester United. But before he handed Rooney the armband, Van Gaal reminded the player – who has had his moments of ill-discipline in the past – he must be a fine ambassador for the club away from the field of play, as well as on it. “His attitude, of course,” Van Gaal said when asked why he selected Rooney. “That is in the pitch and on the training ground and I have explained to him also outside the pitch is also very important for me. “And he accepted the responsibility and I like very much how he did train and also how he performed in the game and how he performed to his fellow players.” There was no sign Van Gaal was suffering from any pre-match nerves on Friday, even though he admitted his preparations have been disrupted by a series of injuries. Antonio Valencia, Luke Shaw, Jonny Evans, Danny Welbeck, and back-up goalkeeper Sam Johnstone are unavailable. Van Persie is still short of match fitness following his late return from the World Cup and it is unlikely Adnan Januzaj and Marouane Fellaini will start against Swansea for the same reason. But after six straight wins in pre-season – against teams who have amassed 35 major European trophies between them – Van Gaal is not daunted by the prospect of trying to bring the glory days back to Old Trafford following last year’s seventh-place finish under David Moyes. “I am very confident. I am not nervous – don’t you see it?” said Van Gaal, his booming voice reverberating around an “unbelievable” new room at United’s training ground in Carrington. “I am not worried. We have beaten them all until now.” Van Gaal lamented the loss of Luke Shaw, the £27million left-back who is out for a month with a hamstring problem. The former Barcelona manager listed six reasons why Shaw suffered the injury. Three of them were related to United’s five-match 13,500-mile pre-season trek around America. United are hopeful of reaching an agreement with Sporting Lisbon over the transfer of Argentina defender Marcos Rojo, who has a 30 million euro (£24m) buy-out clause in his contract. For now, Van Gaal could deploy either Ashley Young, Tyler Blackett or Reece James at left-back. Neither Blackett nor James have played a competitive game for United, but their 63-year-old manager is not afraid of handing them their debut on Saturday. “I don’t think so,” Van Gaal said when it was suggested United are short of left-backs. “We have played in the USA with Ashley Young and Reece James in that position, so that position is very well-covered.” For the fans who became disenchanted with watching United under Moyes last year, Van Gaal had one final message. “The most important thing is the fans shall understand how we play and the way of playing will give pleasure to them,” Van Gaal said. His English may not be polished to perfection, but the message coming through was clear enough – Van Gaal is on a mission to put smiles back on faces at Old Trafford this year, and he would love to start with an emphatic win over Swansea. Van Gaal takes charge of his first competitive match as United boss on Saturday when Swansea come to Old Trafford. It will also be the first time Rooney has led the team out in his new role as United’s full-time captain. Press Association Rooney was announced as the club’s skipper on Tuesday night, following the 2-1 win over Valencia. Rooney also wore the armband in the friendly victory, but he put in a sub-par performance on the night, missing a penalty in the first half. Van Gaal believes Rooney has the potential to be an excellent United captain, but the Dutchman thinks the striker must not be overawed by the responsibility. “I said to him (after the Valencia game): ‘Maybe it was too much for you as a captain’,” Van Gaal told a press conference. “But I said to him – ‘let it fly’, because when we were (on tour) in the US, he scored a lot of goals, and made a great amount of assists so I wanted to say that.” Given that Van Gaal enjoys a good relationship with Robin van Persie, who skippered Holland under the United boss at the World Cup, Rooney’s appointment as captain came as something of a surprise. Van Persie even missed out on the vice-captaincy, which was awarded to long-serving midfielder Darren Fletcher, who had an excellent pre-season tour. It was Rooney’s work-rate and application in pre-season that won him the honour of following in the footsteps of club greats such as Sir Bobby Charlton, Bryan Robson and Eric Cantona. last_img read more

India women’s football team puts 6 goals past hapless Sri Lanka in South Asian…

first_imgAdvertisement gbNBA Finals | Brooklyn VsbyjluWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E8t6cia( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 9jxoWould you ever consider trying this?😱ja5gkCan your students do this? 🌚ohuRoller skating! Powered by Firework The Indian women’s football team put up yet another solid display at the ongoing South Asian Games 2019; beating Sri Lanka by 6-0 at the Pokhara Stadium in Nepal on Thursday. This victory comes just a couple of days after India thrashed Maldives 5-0 in their opening fixture. Sandhiya Ranganathan and Ratanbala Devi netted a brace each, while Dangmei Grace and Bala Devi scored the other two.Advertisement Right from the kick-off, India were on top and the first goal arrived within seven minutes when a cross from A Ranjana Chanu was easily converted by Dangmei Grace. The lead was quickly doubled by Sandhiya Ranganathan in the 10th minute after she was assisted by Ratanbala Devi from the centre of the park. Eight minutes later, India extended their lead further, this time Sandhiya returning the favour; setting up Ratanbala for her first of the day.Advertisement The fourth goal came right before the half-hour mark when a shot from Ratanbala was denied by the post before Sandhiya finished it off from the rebound.With the score at 4-0 long before half-time, India chose to slow things down a bit and passed around the ball comfortably. It was only during the dying moments of the game when they added two more to the scoresheet.Advertisement Substitute Manisha set up Ratanbala for her brace with a neat through ball and W Linthoingambi, who was brought on in the 80th minute, sent in an inch-perfect cross to assist Bala Devi in stoppage time.Read Also:  Advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgTwo-time Eclipse Champion Beholder, fresh off a bullet six furlong move under Gary Stevens Friday morning, walked the Richard Mandella shedrow with a rider up this morning at 7:30 a.m.  The 5-year-old Henny Hughes mare, who is scheduled to shoot for a record setting third consecutive win in the Grade I, $300,000 Zenyatta Stakes next Saturday, Sept. 26, was allowed to graze outdoors following her walk under the Mandella shed.Owned by B. Wayne Hughes’ Spendthrift Farm, Beholder, who comes of a record setting 8 ¼ length tally versus males in the Grade I Pacific Classic Aug. 22, is expected to face off against American Pharoah in the Breeders’ Cup Classic if all goes well in the Zenyatta.Beholder Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34gGCVOamxw ARCADIA, Calif. (Sept. 19, 2015)–Triple Crown Champion American Pharoah graced Santa Anita’s main track at 8 a.m. Saturday and with regular exercise rider George Alvarez up, he backtracked to the half mile pole prior to again galloping a strong mile and a half.Idle since running a valiant second in the Grade I Travers Stakes Aug. 29, American Pharoah has yet to breeze since the race as he’s pointed by Bob Baffert to his career finale–the $5 million Breeders’ Cup Classic at Keeneland Oct. 31.American Pharoah Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtAmMX2relQlast_img read more

Red Bluff Round-Up crowns champions Sunday

first_imgRed Bluff >> Westyn Hughes knows where he belongs, and it’s in the winner’s circle.The Caldwell, Texas cowboy secured the tie-down roping title at the 96th annual Red Bluff Round-Up on April 23 with the average win, the fastest times combined on four runs. His time of 40.9 seconds on four head was nearly two seconds faster than the number two man, Cimarron Boardman, of Stephenville, Texas.Tie-down ropers Luke Landry, Leesville, La. and Ryle Smith, Oakdale, who trailed Hughes going into the …last_img

After first win in 10 years, Raiders coach Jon Gruden keeps it real

first_imgFor complete Oakland Raiders coverage follow us on Flipboard. OAKLAND — After Matt McCrane kicked a 29-yard field goal Sunday to give Jon Gruden his first win in more than 10 years, the head coach made his way across the Coliseum infield dirt to shake hands with Hue Jackson and the other Cleveland coaches.Then he turned around and made his way back to the tunnel leading to the Raiders locker room.Thi … Click HERE if you’re having trouble viewing the gallery on your mobile device.last_img