Scouts continue tradition of rounding up Christmas trees

first_imgOpinions vary on when the Christmas season officially ends, but for those in Clark County waiting for a signal to pack up the lights and toss out the tree, the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts were there to help. On Saturday, hundreds of Scouts, unfazed by a spell of cold and blustery weather, combed the community and collected hundreds of dried-out Christmas trees — with the assistance of their troop leaders and some helpful adults. Roughly 900 Scouts from close to 50 troops and 700 adults in Clark County participated in this year’s event, said David Cramblett, one of the coordinators. In return for their work, the Scouts asked for cash donations or coats, which would be later given to the homeless by Friends of the Carpenter. Last year, the Scouts managed to collect about 1,200 coats and about 10,000 trees, Cramblett said.Although the Scouts sent out thousands of fliers indicating when they’d be coming for Christmas trees, inevitably some people missed the 9 a.m. Saturday deadline. But true to the Boy Scout way of always being prepared, Cramblett carried a phone and internet-connected laptop to map the locations of last-minute callers and dispatch nearby troops accordingly. “People will be calling as the scouts are out there. They say, ‘I forgot to put my tree out,’ ” he said. “It’s pretty hectic, but we try to get everyone’s trees.”last_img read more