Weve Not Seen the End of Smart Shoes Yet

first_imgThere is no end to the smart-shoe possibilities: from ordering dinner and displaying works of art to evading spills and biodegrading.But what does the future hold for this increasingly popular technology?A new industry-insiders report suggests the smart shoe market will continue growing steadily through 2022.AdChoices广告Full details are hidden behind a $1,000-plus paywall. But a press release and sample document provide some insight into the global trade.Smart shoes—the kind with a high-tech brain, not formal loafers—typically feature a Bluetooth-connected accessory (usually insoles) that link activity or location to a smartphone app.The successfully crowdfunded Amazfit sneakers, for instance, connect to the Mi Fit mobile app to count daily steps and calculate calorie intake.Since the wearable bubble burst, intelligent footwear has taken its place, offering new and unique opportunities for everyone from athletes to couch potatoes. (Nothing says innovation like high-tops that order pizza and pause live TV.)Much the same as self-driving cars, the smart shoe market is dominated by a few key players—some big names (Nike, Under Armour, Adidas) and some relative unknowns (Salted Venture, Daphne, 361).Nike, of course, launched Hyperadapt 1.0, the first real self-lacing shoes, in 2016—a modern throwback to Marty McFly. Last year, Adidas invented a party-ready sneaker that shrugs off expels beer and vomit (just in time for Oktoberfest).More than 500 Kickstarter backers, meanwhile, brought the Digitsole Smartshoe—”the first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, and shock-absorbing sneaker”—to life last summer.Keep this up, and the bunny-ears method of tying shoes will go the way of the dodo.It remains unclear exactly what impact the burgeoning smart shoe market will have on the fate of retail, athletics, and childhood life lessons.In the meantime, check out Geek’s lineup of 11 pairs of amazing future shoes to see what the intersection of science and fashion has in store.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more