Google pays 23 more than industry average and then theres the perks

first_imgWorking at Google has its perks. From amazing cafeterias to sleeping pods, Google employees definitely have it good. But besides being able to ride around the office on Razor scooters, Google’s employees have another thing to be happy about. Google employees are the best-paid in the IT industry. In fact, they make 23 percent more than the IT industry’s market pay average.A PayScale survey said that Google employees with 10 years of experience make about $141,000. Microsoft came in second with a mid-career pay of $127,000. Microsoft, on the other hand, will start its employees off at a higher rate than Google. Microsoft highest average starting salary is $86,900, whereas Google’s is $82,600. Facebook trailed behind with an average starting salary pay of $59,100.If you can’t get a job at Google, Amazon was found to pay 17 percent more than the industry average with a starting salary of $72,200 and a mid-career salary of $110,000. Both Apple and Microsoft pay 15 percent more than the IT standard.Besides being paid significantly more than the average, Google employees also save money in tons of other ways, making their paychecks last longer. For example, Googlers don’t have to pay for their meals at the office. They have a plethora of chef-prepared choices, some of which come from produce grown right at the office. Employees can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for free. They even have barbeques during the summer. So, Googlers can save on groceries.In addition, they also have multiple gyms and trainers at the office, so there’s another major expense to cross off the list. Going to the doctor won’t cost you a dime either and you won’t have to make time to leave the office to visit your doc. Google has its own doctor on hand to help them out. If you don’t have time to do your laundry during the work week, you can just take it with you to work and do it at Google. Yes, you’ll still have to do your own laundry, but it’s free, and you can do it between making your own cappuccinos and espresso. You can also drop your laundry off for dry cleaning, alterations, and also shoe repair, which we assume will cost you something.Besides saving money on food, coffee, fitness, health, and laundry, the Google office also has other perks, like sleep pods for taking naps, a masseuse on hand that gives you a free massage on your birthday, and use of a fleet of Toyota Prii (plural for Prius). We could go on and on about why Google is an awesome place to work, but instead, you can just drool over the video below from the Travel channel.Read more at Computer World UKlast_img read more