iPad Mini launch rumored for October

first_imgThe tablet space is starting to get a little crowded. While the iPad Best Price at Amazon is still seated far above the others in terms of sales, the competition is starting to get it together. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire have started to make some dents in Apple’s market share.Apple has been famously opposed to 7-inch tablets, but the rumors surrounding a new 7.85-inch iPad Mini are reaching deafening levels. It very well could be that Apple plans to put a stop to the growth that these smaller, less expensive devices have been scratching out with a new device of their own. Instead of announcing this tablet at the same time that the new iPhone is announced, Apple is expected to hold a separate event in October to release this new tablet.October is expected to be a very interesting month for gadgets. Amazon and Google will be busy fighting with each other after the new Kindle devices are on shelves, and Microsoft has planned the release of their Surface tablet on the 26th.Throwing a new iPad into that mix will create an interesting powder keg. Apple’s tablet offerings are soon to be challenged by three different competitors, and each of their tablets offer an impressive take on how we should be computing. Depending on when in October the iPad Mini would be announced, Microsoft’s Surface tablet risks being drowned out by consumers eager to try Apple’s latest device.Like the Surface tablet, there’s still no mention of price for the new iPad yet. Apple has never been a company particularly interested in racing to the bottom, but it will be difficult to convince consumers that the iPad mini is worth the extra cash. The Nexus 7 especially has demonstrated an amazing experience for $200, and with the holiday season upon us, price will be a significant factor.via Bloomberglast_img read more