Leaked iPhone 5S front panel shows Apple hasnt changed design at all

first_imgThe models of the iPhone carrying an S after the number are typically just a tweaked update rather than a revolutionary increment. From the outside they looks the same, but inside you will find some updated components and new software features. In the case of the iPhone 4S, Apple added Siri and iCloud as well as a faster CPU and GPU.Later this year we are expecting Apple to roll out the iPhone 5S, and it looks to be the same deal as the move from the iPhone 4 to 4S. Evidence of that comes from FanaticFone, which claims to have got its hands on the front panel of the iPhone 5S.As you can see from the image above and below, very little has changed. In fact, everything about the iPhone 5S front panel looks to be exactly the same as the iPhone 5. The only difference you may notice is the flex cable, but that’s going to be hidden from view inside the phone casing.If this actually is the iPhone 5S, then we shouldn’t expect any surprise announcements from Apple when they officially announce it. The updated smartphone is probably going to have the same Retina display (not Double Retina) and same look as the iPhone 5, but inside it will have a new CPU/GPU combination and run iOS 7. We may also see some new or updated software features included.The next major update will be iPhone 6, including whatever new technology Apple has managed to perfect before October 2014. But this year, just expect another hardware bump to keep sales turning over and entice those still on a 4 or 4S to upgrade.last_img read more