BBC comedy visionary awarded Murdoch professorship

first_imgComedy writer Armando Iannucci hasbeen appointed as the next news International Visiting Professor of BroadcastMedia. Iannuchi, who wrote and directed I’m Alan Partridge with Steve Coogan, willhold a lecture series beginning in January entitled ‘British TV Comedy: dead oralive?’ Iannuchi graduated from UniversityCollege in 1982 andworked for the BBC in the eighties.His past projects include On The Hour,The day Today, the Friday and Saturday night armistice and the Armando IannucciShow. His satirical political comedy series The Thick Of It is currently beingaired on BBC4 and will be shown on BBC2 in the beginning of 2006.There has been much critical acclaimfor Iannucci’s work and he has won two Sony radio awards and three BritishComedy awards, one of which was a special award for his contribution totelevision comedy.He and Chris Morris were jointly awardeda 1992 Writers’ Guild award for the programme On the Hour. Together theyproduced the critically acclaimed show The Day Today.Speaking about the theme of hislecture series, Iannucci said: ‘If British TV has a heritage, then comedy isits most precious commodity.’ ‘Today, though, British Television Comedy is at acrossroads. Just as it gets more daring and varied in format and technique, andjust as audiences get more and more sophisticated in the breadth of comedy they’rewilling to watch, viewing figures for comedy shows are in decline.’‘Over the next five years, TV comedyhas the chance either to reclaim the mass-appeal, large viewing-figure slotsthat were previously theirs by right, or become a fragmented web of innovative,interesting but niche programmes. These lectures will outline preciselyhow British TV comedy arrived at this crossroads, and the possible routes itcan take.’ARCHIVE: 4th week MT 2005last_img

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