A vote of confidence for Kevin Kuhl

first_imgTo the Editor:As a former social studies teacher at Marist High School, I am gratified to see that Kevin Kuhl, one of my best students in my teaching career, is running for Bayonne City Council. I was close to his entire family, especially after his older brother, Charlie, died so young. Since then, I was privileged to preside at the funerals of his parents.Kevin learned from his parents the values of running a small business and to be involved in the community at the same time. It’s not just about profit but also giving back to the people who sustain you. Through the decades, Kevin has sponsored many charitable events. His family business is a mainstay in Bayonne and has hosted countless family events and parties.Kevin has firsthand witnessed the changes that have affected Bayonne and has a good perspective on what is needed to give Bayonne a bright future. The best way to effect change is to put yourself on the line as an elected official. I hope that is one of the lessons Kevin took from Social Studies at Marist. He had my vote of confidence as his teacher and I only wish I was living in his ward so I could support him once again. Kevin is a good, smart, successful and charitable man. I wish him well. FR. ALEXANDER M. SANTORAlast_img

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