No reason to ban high-rise brothel – report

first_imgNZ Herald 2 Nov 2012Auckland’s first high-rise brothel could be a magnet for crime and drugs yet that is no reason to ban it because prostitution is legal. So says the official Auckland Council report from lead senior planner Jennifer Valentine, who backed the application and rejected moral and religious opposition, raising the ire of Monsignor David Tonks, pastoral assistant to the Catholic Bishop Pat Dunn, who opposes the brothel. “I’m seriously disappointed,” he said, noting how the area drew families and tourists and wondering what message people would get from the massive brothel with giant lit display sign. She also acknowledged that of the 221 submissions opposing the development, 208 were because it will be a brothel. “These places are often associated with importing women for the sex trade and it’s a tragedy,” he said. But Jennifer Valentine told how because activities within the proposed 15-level tower were permitted, she could not consider “moral or religious objections, nor potential increases in illegal activities such as crime and drug use”.

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