Lights Remain Out At Osgood Christmas Display

first_imgThe Lohrum Christmas Extravaganza began in 1997 and is located a half mile north of Jac-Cen- Del High School on U.S. 421 in Osgood. (Image: Facebook)A Christmas display near Osgood has caused some controversy throughout the tri-state.Organizers of the Lohrum Christmas Extravaganza turned off the 60,000 light display, after they were informed that those driving by could be ticketed if they slowed down to view it.Area residents expressed concern following reports that the town may have forced the lights to be turned off. The decision to shut the display off was made by the family, according to their Facebook page.“When we posted the Board of Directors for Lohrum Christmas Extravaganza we meant for our organization and not the town board. The authorities (police) did not tell us to shut them off and nowhere on the page was that said. We (the Lohrum’s) made the call to shut down because we did not want any more issues to arise,” the family clarified on Sunday.The family has been in contact with the Ripley County Sheriffs Office after authorities received complaints of people stopping on the road, or pulling into the front yards of neighbors to get a view of the display.According to Ripley County Sheriff Tom Grills, a citation could be given to a driver if they obstruct the flow of traffic. However, authorities have not forced the Lohrum’s to turn the display off.The light display began in 1997 and is located a half mile north of Jac-Cen- Del High School on U.S. 421 in Osgood. The display expanded to over 25,000 lights animated to music after receiving additional lights that belonged to Joe Day of Versailles. Day operated a light display for 32 years prior to passing away in 2011.The display may be lit up again on Christmas Eve.last_img

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