PBSO: Self-proclaimed “Warrior” Opened Fire, Threatened to Kill Officers

first_imgA 43-year-old West Palm Beach man who referred to himself as a “warrior” and “sniper” is in jail for allegedly opening fire, threatening police and holding an animal control officer hostage, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.Brian Tran faces charges of aggravated assault with a firearm, false imprisonment while armed, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.According to the Sheriff’s Office, an Animal Control Officer visited a home on Okeechobee Boulevard on October 8, to investigate an anonymous complaint that Tran was neglecting his dog by lack of proper shelter. When she pulled into the home’s driveway, she saw that the gate was open, but did not enter the property.Shortly after she arrived, a white minivan sped toward her, coming to a stop near her front bumper. Tran exited that vehicle and approached her.The officer rolled down her window and Tran asked her, “What do you want?”When the officer told him about the complaint, Tran explained angrily that his neighbors called law enforcement and Animal Care and Control, according to the sheriff’s office.Tran then said he was “going to kill his neighbors and the cops and he hated the cops.” the sheriff’s office says. He then described himself as “a warrior, a police officer, a soldier, and a sniper.”At that point, Tran brought the officer into his home, and said he was “going to kill his neighbors if they want to be his enemy and that he is going to kill all of his enemies.” He pulled out a black pistol, faced the officer, and started rapidly firing the pistol into the ground.The officer, who feared for her life, put her hands up and yelled, “Sir, sir I don’t need to see the dog that bad. I need to leave now.”“No, no, no,” Tran responded, as he took the magazine out of the gun and placed it on a table. “You are going to see this dog.”Tran lifted his shirt and, with a smirk, showed her a knife that was tucked into his waistband, the sheriff’s office says. He grabbed the officer by the shoulders and forced her to walk with him to see the dog.The officer looked at the dog and told Tran that was satisfactory “because she didn’t want to be his enemy.” Tran began yelling again that he wanted to kill his neighbors, enemies, and police.The officer returned to her vehicle and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.Tran later admitted to detectives that he was upset with his neighbors and had shot his gun into the ground, but added that he did not touch or threaten the officer, the sheriff’s office report states.He was taken into custody on October 25 and was released the next day, after posting bond.last_img

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