The referees most corrected by the VAR: Gil Manzano, Estrada …

first_imgPrieto Iglesias73 Referees squad in First Division Times it has been corrected by VARTimes you have corrected a partner from VOR Mateu Lahoz36 Lamb Vega51 Jaime Latre04 Hernández Hernández8two Sánchez Martínez53 From Cerro Grande58 From Burgos Bengoetxeatwotwo Villanueva churchesRetired10 Martinez Munuera84 Soto Grado53 Munuera Montero37 Pizarro Gomez43 González González66 Cuadra Fernández45 González Fuertestwo6 Melero López45 Alberola Rojas33 Gil Manzano104 After 270 games and 105 interventions by VAR, we took advantage of the league break to analyze who are the referees who have corrected the most errors from the VOR Room and who have had to rectify their initial decision on the field Thanks to the help that many of the arbitration collective consider as “a guardian angel”. Thanks to that lifeguard, 97 actions have been corrected (eight times it did not) out of 105 bursts of this tool in the game this season.The former field referee Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva (decided to hang up the whistle at the end of last season) It is the one that intervenes the most from the VOR Room. He has done this up to 10 times. One of the reasons why He leads this ranking because he has served up to 21 games as a VAR referee, since he only belongs to this category (like Álvarez Izquierdo) and does not alternate with matches on the field as the rest of the First Division referee do.Other interventionists from the VAR, Del Cerro Grande and Medié Jiménez would complete the podium. The latter would only have corrected his teammate on the grass seven times, since in Alavés-Betis he recommended Mateu Lahoz, to review the penalty thrown by Rubén Duarte on Fekir, but the Valencian referee maintained his position to concede it. On the other hand, Del Cerro Grande is not only considered a great referee on the field, but also the VOR. It should be remembered that in the last 2019 Women’s World Cup, first with VAR, the Madrid player was designated in the VOR, together with Sánchez Martínez, for the final.As to the least interventionists since the VAR, with only two, are the referees De Burgos Bengoetxea, Hernández Hernández (one of the most appointed referees for the VOR in European competitions), Estrada Fernández and Cordero Vega.Regarding the referees who more times have to rectify their decision on the field, Gil Manzano (10 times in 11 interventions) and Estrada Fernández (9 of 10) lead this list. The latter was named as the best referee of last season. They are closely followed by Martínez Munuera (9). Both three are the referees who have whistled the most games in the 27 games played. Jaime Latre is the only First Division referee that this season has not been corrected from the VAR. Estrada Fernández9two Álvarez IzquierdoRetired4 I measured Jiménez57last_img

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