Athletic, upset with UEFA for asking to play the Cup

first_imgThe Bilbao club was “in deep disagreement with a decision that places greater value on the merits of the seventh-ranked player in a professional league that still has 11 of its 38 days remaining to play against those of the finalists of a competition in the that 125 teams from all categories of our football are involved and all that remains is for playing the last game, the final. ” They consider that, in case of early termination of competitions, “the criteria of assigning a place for the Europa League 2020-21 to the Cup finalist who does not enter through the league competition should be applied.”Athletic concludes the note made public in the late afternoon, pointing out that does not share or understand “that a competition with as much prestige and tradition as the Cup is deprived of the possibility of assigning a European place, when it has always been soWith this decision, the possibility of accessing a finalist and a potential Cup champion to the group stage of the Europa League is excluded. “We have always defended our rights with the utmost rigor and honesty and, in this sense, we will continue working in defense of the criteria that we understand to be fair, “they remark. Meanwhile, the Royal has not expressed any official opinion in this regard. Athletic’s board of directors has held a telematic meeting to analyze UEFA’s warning that if the Cup final is moved to next year so that there are people, the European ticket is passed to the League. Of course, it does not clarify the most important thing: if you choose to keep the idea expressed by the team and the fans of waiting to have an audience or you will obey the warning of the European body and you will do it behind closed doors. He wanted to save time and not show his cards while the Royal remains crouched. “This supposes that the maximum continental soccer organization discards the option proposed by the RFEF that, in the event that the competitions are not finalized and that one of the two Cup finalists already had a European ticket for the league competition, the other participated in the Europa League 2020-21 “, recalls President Elizegi.last_img

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