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first_imgGranada Hills Who then? Re: “Paid too much” (March 29): I am outraged at the firing of 3,000 Circuit City employees. I agree with Richard Martin of Burbank in his response today that management will be expecting bonuses for saving the company so much. I hope that our politicians will begin to address the rather alarming escalation of the disappearance of the middle class in California. We will no longer shop at Circuit City and hope that others will let their voices be heard – enough is enough. Who will shop in your stores when no one makes enough money to do so? Re: “Hospital expansion plan stalls in panel” (March 29): I am a volunteer at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center. I have seen the increase in the number of patients Holy Cross treats as other hospitals and/or clinics have closed. I see the need for the planned expansion of this hospital every time I volunteer. Patients are treated by caring medical and clinical professionals in the Emergency Department. But many of those patients, after they are treated, need to be admitted to a room. Practically every day the hospital is full. The new building will provide the needed additional rooms. Every person in this area should be concerned about the delaying tactics of local unions and politicians who are calling for an environmental impact report on the expansion of a hospital. This delay is waste of time and money. – Kay Radford – Diane M. Gonzalez Santa Clarita Antonio’s blunder Re: “Los Angeles citizens’ safety” (March 30): The totally senseless comment by Los Angeles Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa that Los Angeles residents are safer than they have been in 50 years positively removes him as a prospective candidate for governor of this state anytime in the future, thank God. – Everett P. Harrington Glendale Smoking ban Re: “Burbank smoking ban hot issue” (March 27): If Jason Hellebrand is so concerned about everyone’s health and the so-called dangers from secondhand smoke, he’s being led down the primrose path of false promises to think Burbank’s outdoor smoking ban will help anyone but the “We know what’s better for you than you do” police. Anyone who is really worried should start a campaign banning vehicles and their poison-emitting fumes from driving within 20 feet of any living thing. The junk science surrounding “evil” smokers and their secondhand smoke is more than dubious. If anything, they should be asking how they can compare a few outdoor smokers with millions of cars and trucks. – Sandy Sand West Hills City is anti-business How appropriate it was that the April Fools’ Day “Rough road” editorial reiterated the March 29 “Income disparity …” article. Considering the rest of the city’s anti-business policies, the campaign to reform the city’s business tax should also have been printed on April 1. Whether it’s big business, like Century Boulevard hotels, 200 good rail car manufacturing jobs in the Taylor Yard, or the city’s destructive rental housing policies that discourage middle-class investors (or those who hope to be) from investing in needed housing, the past and present city councils and mayors normally find a way to prevent employment, destroy housing, and shrink the tax base. The business policies are like year-round April Fools’ Day. – Victor N. Viereck Valley Village O’Reilly irks him Re: “Snow will bravely fight his cancer” (Viewpoint, April 1: Although I didn’t always agree with some of Tony Snow’s commentaries at the end of Fox News Sunday, I always thought that he was a fair moderator. I also enjoyed the fact that he could be self-deprecating when appropriate. That is why it irks me when a Bill O’Reilly feels the need to tell me who I should respect and pray for. I have, and will continue to pray for Snow’s recovery but not because O’Reilly says that I should do so. In addition, why does O’Reilly qualify the fact that Snow’s wife is “smart.” If he thought she was stupid or ugly, would he have the temerity to write that as well? As often his wont, O’Reilly muddles an otherwise insightful and compassionate piece of journalism. – Rodney K. Boswell Thousand Oaks Spend it here Our president firmly believes that if we don’t continue the War on Terror in Iraq, we will end up fighting them here in the streets of America. This president honestly expects the American people to believe this. So, in other words, the president is saying that our borders are not secure and that the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security are ineffective. It sounds to me like if billions are to be spent, it should be here at home. – David Pray Moorpark Turning the cheek A lack of foresight by our leaders will cost us the ability to block access to XXX sights for our children. Currently, we can block 900 numbers and the same could be done to block our children from accessing these XXX pornographic sites. I wonder how much financial contributions weigh in to turn the other cheek by our so-called leaders. – Vatch Arouchian Reseda Back when … I am old enough to remember Los Angeles Police Chief William Parker. He ran an exemplary Police Department that was admired worldwide. At India’s request, the U.S. State Department sent Chief Parker to India to assist in the organization of India’s police forces. Presently, the Los Angeles Police Department is a shambles because of interference by liberal elected officials. In the name of diversity, affirmative action, or political correctness the liberal elected officials have reduced the hiring standards for the LAPD and have given themselves a feeling of accomplishment. What a sorry mess they have created. William Parker, where are you now that we need you? – Gus Smyrnos Newbury Park The state, not Bush Re: “Bush death penalty record” (Your Opinion, April 1): Before Cordell Bowman and his friends cast more stones, he, and others, need to know a few facts. In Texas, the governor must get a recommendation to commute a sentence from the Board of Pardon and Parole. If he doesn’t get said recommendation, he can do nothing except grant a 30-day reprieve only. The state, not the governor, imposes the sentences. The quote from Jesus about “loving your enemies” has nothing to do with capital punishment. Read Matthew 5:17. If you are against capital punishment, do your best to have the laws changed regarding it and stop blaming Christians and Bush for everything you disagree with. – Tom Kelsey Winnetka The question is I’d like to see each of the Republican presidential candidates asked the following question: What would you have done differently than President Bush? – Morris Schorr Woodland Hills Wall might be needed Re: “Buzzing of the saw” (Your Opinions, March 27): Let’s see if I get this straight: Diane Sullada is upset because one of her neighbors cut down a few trees on his property in order to build a wall. The trees in question weren’t protected species, such as oak trees, so what’s the big deal? Maybe her neighbor wants to build the wall to keep her busybody nose out of his business. – Mark Steele Woodland Hills 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img

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