Mumbai rains: Former India batsman Pravin Amre forced to walk through knee-deep water

first_imgFormer India cricketer Pravin Amre was one of many, many Mumbaikars, who had to wade through dirty water and flooded roads on the way back home on Tuesday. Heavy monsoon rains have brought India’s financial capital to a halt, with authorities struggling to evacuate people with the scheduled high tide adding to the chaos.Incessant rain flooded several parts of Mumbai and paralysed train services used by millions of commuters daily, with many stranded at stations and hundreds of others walking home through waist-deep water on railway tracks.Amre, one of 14 Indian batsmen to hit a hundred on Test debut, stays in Matunga West. He had gone to Thane to attend a function but only managed to drive back up to Sion on his way back before being forced to abandon his car.”I could drive till Chembur without much bother. But after that the car would simply not move. I searched for a safe parking spot in Sion. And decided to walk the rest of the distance,” he told India Today.”The situation was quite bad for the average Mumbaikar. I walked through areas which housed labour camps and Dharavi on my way to Matunga West in knee-deep water. It was quite scary because if there was a pothole, there was no way anyone could spot it,” he added.Amre waded through for three hours and clocked  eight hours from the time he left Thane till he reached the safe confines of his home at night.Like the rest of the city, Amre too heaved a sigh of relief when the rains relented on Wednesday. There were fears the nightmarish 2005 deluge would be repeated but those concerns can now be laid to rest for a while.advertisement”I remember I was safe indoors during the 2005 floods. But my Air India colony office was flooded with water levels going up to the first floor. That time, people who knew how to swim had helped the rest,” he recalled.Amre, Sachin Tendulkar’s senior at the Ramakant Achrekar school of cricket, hoped the heavy rain forecast is proven wrong and Mumbai can get back to its feet soon.last_img

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