Coleco Chameleon is a brand new games console that uses cartridges

first_imgAnyone reading this who’s over the age of 35 may recognize the name Coleco. In 1982 we got the ColecoVision games console, promising near arcade quality graphics, but on your TV at home. Games were sold on cartridges, of which there were 145 released during the console’s lifetime. Now, some 33 years later, we’re getting a brand new Coleco-branded games console.The Coleco Chameleon is set to launch early next year, and sees a return to the simpler days of console gaming. The hardware is being developed in conjunction with Retro Video Game Systems, with games shipping on cartridge and offering a range of 8-, 16-, and 32-bit titles. The Chameleon will play classic games from Coleco’s past, but will also have the support of new titles.Every game and game compilation is set to ship on a “durable, long-lasting physical cartridge.” Coleco and Retro VGS say as long as you have the cartridge you can play the game, but you’re also free to lend it to a friend or trade it in. Each cartridge comes in a box with an instruction manual and any supplementary materials decided on a per game basis. There’s no DLC, DRM, or online multiplayer here, just at-home gaming plain and simple.How well the Coleco Chameleon is received will depend on many factors. The price of the machine and game carts, the number of games available at launch, the ease of availability of the hardware and games, and the quality and continued support of the machine going forward.It looks as though the Chameleon is Retro VGS’ second attempt to get a cartridge-based console on to the market. The first attempted to raise $2 million on Indiegogo earlier this year, but only managed $80,000. With Coleco branding and no funding target to hit, the Chameleon looks like it’s going to happen regardless of how popular it turns out to be.Above is the Indiegogo video, which I can only assume shows games that will be very similar to those we’ll see released on the Chameleon. The first chance we’ll get to see the new machine looks likely to be the Toy Fair 2016 being held in February in new York.last_img

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