Madhepura MP Pappu Yadav arrested after clashes with police

first_imgMadhepura MP and leader of the Jan Adhikar party (Loktantrik) Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav was arrested late on Monday night in Patna.Police said he was arrested in connection with an old case of creating chaos and fighting with policemen with brickbats near the Kargil Chowk in Patna on January 24.On Monday too, Mr. Yadav and his supporters clashed with the police during a protest march towards the State Assembly. They were protesting against the recent average hike of 55% in power tariff in the State and also to demand a CBI probe into the Bihar Staff Selection Commission (BSSC) question paper leak case.Police said the MP allegedly provoked his workers to attack the policemen.The Budget session is going on in the Legislature.At 11:30 p.m., the Gandhi Maidan police reached Mr. Yadav’s residence in Mandiri and took him into custody while hundreds of his supporters kept raising slogans in his favour.The police produced him before a judicial magistrate who sent him to jail.Around midnight, Mr. Yadav was lodged in the Beur central jail of Patna.Mr. Yadav is husband of Congress MP from Supaul Ranjit Ranjan.Mr. Yadav, of late, has been making provocative statements against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his ruling alliance partner RJD chief Lalu Prasad, alleging that the government had planned to kill him.“Our workers heard two police officials talking about the government order to have me killed right at the rally venue. Is this how a democracy functions? It is a citizens’ birthright to stage protests when democracy does not function properly,” the MP said on Monday.Sources told The Hindu that before Mr. Yadav was taken into police custody, he spoke to Lok Sabha Speaker and apprised her of the development.The MP is likely to appeal in court on Tuesday against his arrest.last_img read more

Indian American Actress Mouzam Makkar Set for Series Regular Role on Mindy Kaling’s NBC Show

first_imgIndia-West had earlier reported that the new NBC comedy by Indian American actress Mindy Kaling and “The Mindy Project’s” Charlie Grandy, “Champions,” will feature Indian American actor Hasan Minhaj. Kaling dropped the trailer of the new show on Instagram Jan. 31 and we spotted another Indian American talent: Mouzam Makkar.Makkar has won a series regular role on the show, written by Grandy and Kaling, which centers on Vince, played by Anders Holm, who is living every bachelor’s dream. He owns the fifth largest gym in Brooklyn, dates an endless string of beautiful women, and lives with his dumb, lovable brother Matthew, portrayed by Andy Favreau. But Vince’s simple life gets complicated fast when his high school fling, Priya (Kaling), unexpectedly drops off their 15-year-old son, Michael, so he can attend a city school for super-talented kids.Read it at India West Related Itemslast_img read more

World Cup 2019: India won’t be overconfident because of 6-0 record vs Pakistan, says Sachin Tendulkar

first_imgBatting great Sachin Tendulkar has said India will certainly not be complacent when they take on Pakistan in the blockbuster ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 match on Sunday in Manchester.India haven’t lost to Pakistan in a World Cup encounter, winning all their 6 meetings so far in the quadrennial showpiece event. However, India were outclassed by 180 runs in the final of Champions Trophy 2017, which was also the last time the two Asian rivals met at an ICC event.”That’s a positive comeback [Champions Trophy win in 2017]. After having been 6-0 down, the last one that they [Pakistan] had won. Indian team wouldn’t be overconfident. We are confident but we won’t be overconfident. I can fully understand that Ravi [Shastri], Virat [Kohli] and all the senior players would be emphasizing that we got to be on our toes, go out and play what we are good at,” Sachin Tendulkar said.Tendulkar also pointed out that India are certainly 100% better at the moment due to the consistent success in the recent past in ODI cricket.India have been dominant against Pakistan since the 2015 World Cup, winning 3 of their 4 meetings in ODI cricket. India had comfortably thrashed Pakistan in both their Asia Cup 2018 meetings.”I think when you are winning you are thinking different, but we, as a team, always think that we can’t be overconfident. Pack those confident things in the kitbag and travel with it. The team which is winning invariably the thought process is different and you believe you can pull through difficult situations,” Tendulkar added.advertisementAgainst Australia, Pak lost wickets at critical moments. They are a decent side and were in the game till the end,” he added.”At this stage 100% India are the better side. The way we have been performing for a number of months now we have been right at the top and carrying the momentum all the way.”Also Read | India vs Pakistan, World Cup 2019: Shoaib Akhtar cracks rain joke ahead of Sunday blockbusterAlso Read | World Cup 2019: Why India are outright favourites against PakistanAlso Read | World Cup 2019: Indian team will beat Pakistan 7 out of 10 times, says Kapil DevAlso See:last_img read more

Santi Cazorla: ‘Every time they sewed me up, it split again, more liquid’

first_img Twitter Share on WhatsApp Cazorla’s patched-up right foot. Photograph: Pablo Garcia Could it not have been with Arsenal? “No, they didn’t want to,” he says. “They were very good, very honest. My idea was to do at Arsenal what I eventually did here. I knew whoever was going to sign me would have to see me first: nobody just gives you a contract. Pre-season with Arsenal, let them see me, then we all decide. But they couldn’t wait to finalise the squad. They said they’d help any way they could otherwise. I understood it, respected it. I’m eternally grateful.“The people love me there and I’ll always have a connection with Arsenal, so much affection. Not being able to say goodbye playing at the Emirates is like a thorn in my side. If I had to leave, I wanted it to be in front of the fans.”He has been invited to the Arsenal Legends game against Real Madrid Legends on Saturday. To play? “No,” he shoots back, laughing, “it’s for ex-players and I don’t think I’m there yet.”So, Ludogorets, 19 October 2016, was the last time. Except, that is, one night in April, when he “trained” on the Emirates pitch before the Europa League semi-final with Atlético Madrid. There was nostalgia in his request. “I asked if I could because I didn’t know if I would play again. It was nothing much really: four laps, dribble a bit, but just being there again on that grass, just to feel the warmth of the crowd was lovely. To think: ‘I’m going to take something with me, even if I don’t play again.’” But Santi Cazorla did play again. Twitter Share on Messenger “At times, I’d be ready to give up. It’s hardest when you don’t see any improvement. I’d talk to the medical staff again and they’d say: ‘Do you want to play?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Right, so that’s that. Today, we work. Tomorrow, you’ll see.’ And I’d start to see tiny things. One day you get on to a pitch and your mind clears. Wow! You go back to the hotel with a huge smile. The physios were clever, they ‘conned’ me. They’d give me a ball and … madre mía! It made me feel a tiny bit like a footballer again. And they’d say: ‘Tomorrow, more ball work.’ And with those little tricks, it was worth getting up the next day.“My family would call: ‘I touched the ball.’ ‘And how was it?’ ‘It hurt but I touched the ball!’” Back in London first and Oviedo next, India, now five, and Enzo, eight, grew older. “The kids changed schools three times in a year and we didn’t even know if it would be worth it. I’d arrive home for one night and the next day they’d already be saying: ‘Papi, you’re leaving again, aren’t you?’ They came to see it as normal and that killed me. But I did it for them too because my son’s football crazy too.”Cazorla points; it’s hard not to be drawn, again, to the scar on one arm. On the pitch below, Enzo thumps a shot against the post. “He said to me: ‘Are you not going to play any more?’” Cazorla says, puffing out his cheeks. “‘Yes, yes, I’m going to play, of course.’ ‘With that foot?! It looks a bit strange, eh.’ I said: ‘Well, it’s different. Best not to look at it too much.’ Now he watches me play and it makes me very happy to see him in the stand.” Part of Cazorla’s left arm has been grafted on to his right foot, splitting the tattoo of his daughter’s name. Photograph: Pablo Garcia Pinterest They did a skin graft but they didn’t see what was inside – the bacteria eating away, eating away Reuse this content Cazorla in action for Villarreal against Girona. ‘I don’t feel too bad; I’m optimistic,’ he says. Photograph: Domenech Castello/EPA Share on Pinterest Facebook It goes all the way back to a knock in a friendly against Chile in September 2013 but that does not tell the story, and it need not have come to this, a culmination of factors over five years.He cracked a bone in an ankle, suffered a knee ligament injury in November 2015 and played in increasing pain until facing Ludogorets in October 2016. “Half-times killed me, because it got cold, I’d be crippled at the start of the second half and the pain got worse and worse,” he says. “That night, I cried; it had become too much. I had to stop. Then the problems started.”“It’s not a big injury,” Wenger said then but Cazorla did not play for Arsenal again. His skin had deteriorated and split open and infection attacked. “I’m a jigsaw puzzle,” Santi Cazorla says. There is a bit of his left forearm on his right ankle, a piece of thigh in its place and the back of a leg in one heel. There is also a grin on his face, somehow. There is a metal plate in a foot and a new achilles, made from rolled-up hamstring, occupying the space where the rot set in. He points to the body parts that are where they are not supposed to be, a player for whom “patched up” applies literally, a tale told by tattoo: it says “I, n, d …” on an arm and “… i, a” on an ankle, his daughter’s name cut in half and grafted on, artery and all, where there was once a hole – a window into the horror below. Facebook Share via Email Pinterest La Liga Read more “They never took responsibility or said sorry, that they hadn’t realised. I’m convinced they think they did the right thing, that it wasn’t because of the bacteria that wasn’t spotted, that it was just bad luck. I don’t think they feel guilty. And Arsène always supported me. He renewed my contract before the first operation, which was an incredible gesture. He called me in: ‘Santi, I’m going to give you the optional year. It’s here, sign it, have your operation with peace of mind.’ That helped me focus on my rehabilitation without fear. I’m eternally grateful for that.”It is natural to wonder what might have been had different decisions been made, all the way back to Chile. “I don’t blame myself but it’s true the kick comes in the 20th minute and I played 90. I often think: ‘By not being selfish, not thinking of yourself, you made the injury worse.’ If I’d said: ‘Take me off’ … People told me I should have been smarter but I’m not going to be selfish. Arsenal asked: ‘Why didn’t you get subbed?’ But they respected my decision. When the crack showed, it was suggested I stop a while and I refused – it’s a knock, put a bandage on, and the next week I played.“There have been people who maybe didn’t act the right way – maybe I wouldn’t have had to go through half these problems – but I’m the one who decides who to work with, where, how. I could blame people but in the end it’s me. I should have come to Spain the first day.”When he did, Sánchez reconstructed Cazorla’s tendon using the semitendinosus muscle cut from a hamstring and inserted a plate in a heel. “In London they had pretty much decided I wasn’t [going to play again]; in Spain they said: ‘Santi, it’s bad, pretty screwed up, but we’re going to fight.’” Cazorla left his wife, Ursula, and two kids in London, and travelled for treatment in Vitoria and rehabilitation in Salamanca – an anonymous, silent, lonely and laborious existence. Progress was slow and more procedures followed; at one point, the improvised tendon had to be disentangled from the tissue around it and reattached. Villarreal Arsenal Facebook Share on LinkedIn European club football “I picked it up in the operating theatre and then there was the fact that the wound was open,” he explains. “I’d work on the bike and a couple of stitches would come out. Because it was an open wound, bacteria can enter, so another bug gets in. At night, a yellow liquid would come out. Every time they sewed me up, it split again; more liquid. They did a skin graft but they didn’t see what was inside – the bacteria eating away, eating away. They never found out which bacteria it was.“They’d said to me: ‘Don’t worry about playing football, concentrate on regaining a normal life, being able to play with your son or go for a stroll.’ But I didn’t attach too much importance to that because by then I’d already decided to come to Spain, where they told me completely different things.“I’d got tired – I’d gone through two or three months of operations. I went to Vitoria the next day and that’s when they found the bacteria – two in the tendon and another in the bone. Share on Facebook “They didn’t know how much of the tendon the infection had eaten,” Cazorla continues, tracing a line up his leg, stopping at calf, knee, thigh. “Mikel said: ‘I’m going to have to open you up until I find the tendon.’ They told me they’d have to open, open, open, open and when they did, they saw I had lost 10cm. I’d been lucky, they said, it could have been more. When he had to rebuild the tendon, he realised how bad a condition the bone was in. He could put his finger in it. It was like Plasticine. That’s even more dangerous.”The discovery was relayed back. “They [doctors in the UK] said: ‘We know.’ They said it was under control. ‘We gave you antibiotics.’ But giving antibiotics isn’t the same as giving the exact antibiotic for each specific bug. They didn’t know which bacteria were eating the tendon.”Cazorla spends most of the time laughing but there must have been anger. A sense of blame. Amputation had been a risk, after all. Could he even have taken action? “My family said that but people said it’s not worth it. You can feel frustrated because if they’d seen it the first day, the problem would probably have been minimal but I didn’t see how it would fix anything. It’s a huge hassle and it wouldn’t do any good to fight over medical issues. From Ibrox abuse to sacking Lopetegui: meet the head of Spain’s FA Topics Not being able to say goodbye playing at the Emirates is like a thorn in my side Cazorla was unveiled as Villarreal player from inside a smoke-filled chamber, with the help of a magician. Photograph: Villareal CF TV Twitter Share on Twitter Pinterest Pinterest One day, you may read about Cazorla in medical textbooks. “Mikel Sánchez, the surgeon, puts me in his talks, a case study,” he says. “He and the physios say they’ve never seen such an extreme case.” There were knee, foot and ankle injuries, targets missed, seemingly endless setbacks, and 10 operations; beneath the skin, splitting open and exposed, an infection consumed 10cm of tendon leaving the bone squishy, risking his leg and his career.Arsène Wenger said it was the worst injury he had seen and a doctor told Cazorla to settle for walking around the garden. “I’m a football nut,” he says, and for 636 days he did not play. Most thought he never would. There were nights where, lying alone a long way from home, he gave up. “I’d talk to my family and say: ‘It’s over. Tomorrow I’ll tell Juancar, the physio: I can’t go on, pal.’” But here he is, just finished training. He has started all three of Villarreal’s games this season.“I have to pinch myself when I think: ‘I’m playing Saturday.’ I appreciate it all, every moment. I understand players thinking it’s a pain to be stuck in a hotel the night before but I’ve been in hotels alone, hospitals too. I’ve fought for this.” Twitter Enzo wears a yellow Villarreal kit, “Papi 19” on the back. His dad briefly trained with Alavés’ youth team but by the summer, aged 33, he was unemployed. He joined Villarreal in pre-season and eventually signed. Cazorla falls about giggling explaining his presentation, a magician making him dramatically appear inside a smoke-filled chamber. “I was hidden: 45 minutes in a tiny space, sweating, and my back was hecho un cristo, a right state,” he laughs. “I said: ‘Hey, the presentation was great and all but I can’t play Saturday now.’”Instead, he started then and every game since. There is pain, a certain lingering fear, a weakness in his ankle and an imbalance in his body, weight loaded through one side, but he says: “I don’t feel too bad; I’m optimistic.” He has a one-year contract with an optional second but no plan: “Just play the next game, then try to play the next.” And do so for as long as he can. He has been arguably Villarreal’s best player. Facebook Facebook interviews A mobile phone image shows the injury Cazorla suffered. Photograph: Pablo Garcia Twitter Pinterest last_img read more

Leyton Orient promoted to Football League, Stockport go up

first_imgSalford City Solihull Moors could only draw at Dagenham and Redbridge after going behind to a Conor Wilkinson goal, when the striker capitalised on an error from the goalkeeper to chip the ball into an empty net from distance. The equaliser arrived via Jermaine Hylton thanks to his determination down the left flank when he converted his own cross after a defender failed to clear.Salford City and Solihull Moors now have another chance for promotion through the play-offs. One team who will definitely be playing in the National League next season is Stockport County who defeated already relegated Nuneaton 3-0 to finish top of National League North. Ash Palmer, Matty Warburton and Adam Thomas scored the goals to ensure the Hatters will not be playing regional football next season. Leyton Orient secured promotion to the Football League thanks to a goalless home draw against Braintree. The east London side required just a point on the final day and earned it with little fuss to be crowned National League champions.Both of Orient’s rivals, Salford City and Solihull Moors, failed to win their respective games meaning that the London side would still have gone up even if they lost at home on the final day. Topics The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Jobi McAnuff: ‘I didn’t think Orient fans saw the true me – that’s why I came back’ Read more Leyton Orient Share on Messenger Share on Twittercenter_img Share on Pinterest news Share via Email Share on WhatsApp Reuse this content Share on LinkedIn Share on Facebook It was a tense affair at Brisbane Road, with Leyton Orient coming closest to securing all three points when Macauley Bonne put the ball into the net from close range before being ruled out for offside, but it did not matter in the end. Fans streamed on to the pitch at the final whistle to celebrate with the players after a turbulent spell for the club.Salford City’s dreams of winning the National League went up in flames, despite taking a third-minute lead at Hartlepool through Devante Rodney. Things turned sour for Graham Alexander’s side when Matt Green was shown a red card just before half-time for a second bookable offence.The hosts took control of the match after the break, with Nicky Featherstone drawing his side level. Nicke Kabamba then gave Hartlepool the lead after 69 minutes, before Luke James sealed the victory.last_img read more

10 months agoInter Milan chief Ausilio: Mourinho always has our esteem

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Inter Milan chief Ausilio: Mourinho always has our esteemby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveInter Milan chief Piero Ausilio says Jose Mourinho will always have a place of honour at the club.However, he insists coach Luciano Spalletti’s job is safe after Manchester United sacked Mourinho yesteday.Ausilio said: “We are connected to the results, the esteem for him is regardless of the future of Inter, which has a great coach… “Let’s move on with Spalletti, we are building the future with him.”Mourinho led Inter to an historic Treble in 2010. last_img

Clemson Star Calls Out “Fake News” Following White House Report

first_imgpresident trump at the white house dinnerWASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 14: (AFP OUT) U.S President Donald Trump presents fast food to be served to the Clemson Tigers football team to celebrate their Championship at the White House on January 14, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images)Earlier this week, a report suggested the majority of Clemson’s black football players did not attend the White House visit following the Tigers’ championship win over the Alabama Crimson Tide.According to the report, nearly “three-fourths of the school’s black football players took a hard pass on the chance to eat cold friends with the president f the people who eats salads from McDonald’s.”In the wake of that report, another article surfaced suggesting the players who did attend the visit felt pressured by Dabo Swinney to make an appearance.Former Clemson star Clelin Ferrell took to Twitter to make sure that misinformation stopped. He called it “fake news” in a post on Twitter.Check it out.“Fake News!!!!!” *Trumps Voice* ???????— Clelin Ferrell (@Cle_Missile) January 30, 2019Ferrell played an integral part in Clemson’s success this season before announcing his plans to enter the 2019 NFL draft.Clearly Ferrell wasn’t comfortable with the report being out there and saw the need to make sure it wasn’t accepted as fact by the public. The initial report made it clear the players who spoke with The Root did not feel pressured by the coaching staff to make the trip to the White House.Ferrell will now turn his sights to the NFL draft where he projects as s first-round pick.last_img read more

Less RS members in Team Modi 20 as more LS winners rewarded

first_imgNew Delhi: The representation of Rajya Sabha members in the second Narendra Modi government has dropped from 19 to 11 as those who fought tough battles in the Lok Sabha polls have been rewarded handsomely. In the newly-formed Council of Ministers, out of 11 RS members, six are Cabinet Ministers, two are Ministers of State (Independent Charge) and three are Ministers of State. In the previous term of Modi, 19 ministers belonged to the Rajya Sabha. Out of these, 12 were Cabinet Ministers, two were Ministers of State (Independent Charge) and five Ministers of State. Also Read – Dussehra with a ‘green’ twist In the new Modi government, Rajya Sabha MPs Thawarchand Gehlot, Prakash Javadekar, Piyush Goyal, Nirmala Sitharaman, Dharmendra Pradhan, and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi have been made Cabinet Ministers. Hardeep Singh Puri and Mansukh Mandaviya are Ministers of State (Independent Charge), while Ramdas Athawale, Parshottam Rupala and V. Muraleedharan have been selected as Ministers of State. In the previous Modi government, the 12 Rajya Sabha members in the Cabinet were Arun Jaitley, Suresh Prabhu, Ravi Shankar Prasad, J.P. Nadda, Chaudhary Birender Singh, Gehlot, Smriti Irani, Javadekar, Pradhan, Goyal, Sitharaman and Naqvi. Also Read – India receives its first Rafale fighter jet from France Out of these, Jaitley, Prabhu, Nadda and Birender Singh have been dropped, while Prasad and Irani are Ministers again but as Lok Sabha members. In the last Council of Ministers, the Ministers of State (Independent Charge) from the Rajya Sabha were K.J. Alphons and Puri. While Alphons has been dropped, Puri has maintained his place in the ministry despite the fact that they both contested the Lok Sabha elections from Kerala and Punjab, respectively, but lost. In the last Union Council of Ministers, Rajya Sabha members M. J. Akbar, Shiv Pratap Shukla, Athawale, Parshottam Rupala, and Vijay Goel were Ministers of State. However, only Athawale and Rupala retained their positions in the current Cabinet. In the current Union Council of Ministers, Javadekar has been given charge of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, as well as Information and Broadcasting, while Sitharaman is the Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister. Gehlot and Naqvi will continue to head the Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry and the Minority Affairs Ministry, respectively. Goyal continues his charge as the Minister of Railways with additional charge of the Commerce and Industry Ministry and Pradhan too is continuing as Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, with additional charge of the Steel Ministry. Among the Ministers of State (Independent Charge), Puri will continue to head the Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry along with additional charge of the Civil Aviation Ministry. He will also be Minister of State for Commerce and Industry. Mandaviya will hold the Shipping Ministry as an independent charge, along with being Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilisers. Among the Ministers of State, Athawale will continue with Social Justice and Empowerment while new addition Muraleedharan will be Minister of State for External Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs. Rupala will continue to be the Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. However, the number of RS members in the Council of Ministers may go up as External Affairs Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar and Food, Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution Minister Ram Vilas Paswan are not Lok Sabha MPs.last_img read more

Telefilm Canada increases feature film production and marketing financing for Indigenous talent

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Following its announcement of November 11, 2016 regarding gender parity measures for feature film production financing, Telefilm Canada is now pleased to announce a concrete initiative, also developed in collaboration with the industry, to provide increased support for Indigenous filmmakers. Most notably, as of April 2017, Telefilm is increasing the feature film production and marketing financing made available for creators from Canada’s Indigenous communities to $4 million annually over the next five years.“It is clear that we need to do more to support the impressive breadth of Indigenous talent in our country,” said Carolle Brabant, Telefilm Canada’s Executive Director. “And in terms of demand, Canada’s Indigenous population is young and growing fast. As well, with greater desire amongst audiences for quality content on different platforms, there is growing interest in Indigenous content, nationally and internationally.“Following the successful consultation process for our gender parity initiatives, we took the same collaborative approach with the Indigenous community. The talks are very positive. We’ve been talking to creators from across the country, and we’re grateful for the support of our Indigenous Micro-Budget Production Program partners. Next, we will be meeting with filmmakers during the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival NATIVe program.” Facebook Including Indigenous representatives in decision-making processIn addition, the following initiatives are in development. First, Telefilm will create a jury process, with Indigenous representation, for project recommendations (while respecting conflict of interest policies). And secondly, Telefilm is committed to hiring staff from Indigenous communities.About Telefilm Canada—Inspired by talent. Viewed everywhere.Celebrating 50 years in 2017, Telefilm is dedicated to the cultural, commercial and industrial success of Canada’s audiovisual industry. Through funding and promotion programs, Telefilm supports dynamic companies and creative talent at home and around the world. Telefilm also makes recommendations regarding the certification of audiovisual treaty coproductions to the Minister of Canadian Heritage, and administers the programs of the Canada Media Fund. Launched in 2013, the Talent Fund accepts private donations to principally support emerging talent. Visit and follow us on Twitter at and on Facebook at Twitter Login/Register With: Advertisement Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more


first_img Login/Register With: Advertisement Advertisement TORONTO, ON – Today, L’Oréal Paris launched a call for nominations for the 2019 Women of Worth Awards honouring 10 inspiring women who are leaders in their communities and inspire others to greatness. In its third year, the Canadian edition of L’Oréal Paris’ Women of Worth recognizes a diverse group of women who find beauty in giving back through their volunteerism and charitable contributions. Embodying the famed L’Oréal Paris signature phrase, “Because You’re Worth It,” the signature philanthropic program honours women who are motivated by their passion to advance conversation, foster collaboration and inspire action that facilitates meaningful change.Now through January 8th, 2019 Canadians across the country are invited to visit to nominate a volunteer, philanthropist or change-maker, of any age, to be given the chance to receive a $10,000 donation on behalf of their cause, while being honoured a Woman of Worth.Each year, the 10 extraordinary women are selected from hundreds of nominations and chosen for the significant contributions they have made across a breadth of causes and important initiatives. The nominees will be judged on four distinct criteria – addressing a crucial need in the community, the impact their inspiring contributions have made, their innovation on developing solutions, and their passion to evoke change and inspire future generations. The Honourees will join esteemed alumni of Canadian women who have broken down barriers, built and strengthened communities and fought passionately to make the world a better and more loving place. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Facebook “Each year, we are incredibly humbled by the touching, and often heartbreaking stories and achievements of these extraordinary women. They go beyond the extra mile with their time, talent, commitment and care for their neighbours and those in need around the globe,” said Milan Mladjenovic, General Manager, L’Oréal Paris Canada. “I’m in awe of this amazing group of women and their words of inspiration. It’s a true privilege to recognize and honour these noble advocates, share their stories and provide a contribution to meaningful causes that affect all of us.”All of the 2019 Honourees will receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to Toronto to attend the star-studded awards gala on March 8th, hosted by L’Oréal Paris. Previous Honourees of the Canadian edition of this humanitarian program, as well as a notable L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman, will also attend the ceremony. The innovations of past award recipients have resulted in significant advancements for aid in sheltering the homeless, to fighting for the rights of refugees; caring for cancer patients, to protecting our environment, and supporting Canadians living with food insecurity; these women are truly making inspiring contributions and beautiful changes to our world.“When you’re in the vicinity of people of this quality, that energy, that calibre of heart – it’s an impressive experience. It’s better than going to the Oscars…” said Dame Helen Mirren, L’Oréal Paris Ambassador.Dame Helen Mirren and the 2018 Women of Worth Honourees. Photo credit: L’Oréal Paris c/o Ryan EmberleyCome February, the 10 nominees will be announced and Canadians will have the opportunity to vote for a National Honouree to be awarded an additional $10,000 grant for her non-profit cause. The public can visit to read more details about each Honouree’s inspirational cause and vote for their favourite until March 4th. Voters can cast one online vote per email address each day. These votes will be a core factor in the judging panel’s selection of the 2019 National Honouree.To learn about past Canadian Honourees, to nominate a woman making a difference and to cast your vote for the National Honouree, visit L’Oréal ParisL’Oréal Paris, the world’s no.1 beauty brand, is dedicated to empowering women and men by offering the most luxurious and innovative products and services available in the mass market. For most, the name “L’Oréal” is immediately evocative of the brand’s signature phrase, “Because I’m Worth It.”— the tagline behind the legendary advertising campaign for the Superior Preference® hair colour launch in 1973. Today, it represents the essence of the L’Oréal Paris brand as a whole, a spirit which is about helping every woman – and man – embrace their unique beauty while reinforcing their inner sense of self-worth. For more than 100 years, L’Oréal Paris has held an unparalleled commitment to advancement in technology, innovation and research, providing ground-breaking, high-quality products for women, men, and children of all ages and ethnicities in five major beauty categories: cosmetics, skincare, hair color, haircare, and men’s grooming.Twitter:@lorealparisCANFacebook: @lorealpariscanadaInstagram: @lorealmakeupHashtag: #womenofworthCAN Twitterlast_img read more

Marking boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon resumes after consultations UN says

The Commission’s Chairman and Special Representative of Secretary-General Kofi Annan for West Africa, Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, said that after fruitful consultations with the head of the Nigerian delegation in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, the work would resume “without delay.”The demarcation of the boundary began on 23 March with the pilot field assessment by the Commission’s Joint Technical Team (JTT) of pillar sites and verification of the line as drawn on preliminary maps. The procedures had been mutually agreed and laid out in guidelines in February in Abuja.Last Thursday UNOWA reported that soon after the start of the field assessment, the JTT was informed of Nigeria’s decision to skip verification of the boundary line in the village of Koja and said it could have the effect of holding up the entire demarcation process.UNOWA said today now that clarifications have been provided and the issue resolved, the demarcation work could resume within a week. Mr. Ould-Abdallah also congratulated both sides for agreeing to restart the work quickly. read more

RollsRoyce to increase manufacturing workforce by 50

Speaking from Goodwood, Rolls-Royce CEO Tom Purves said, “This is good news for the British car industry at a time when it is struggling. Britain has an exceptional talent for automotive production and we are keen to maximise this at Rolls-Royce. Our new model, the Ghost, has enjoyed an extremely positive international response and we now need to put people in place to bring the car to market.” The majority of the new positions have been created in the wood, leather and paint shops as well as the assembly areas. In addition there will be a number of new positions in the headquarter offices, also based at Goodwood. Rolls-Royce is keen to fill all positions within the next few months and anticipates drawing on the considerable pool of highly skilled automotive industry personnel available in the UK. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is planning to increase its manufacturing workforce at its Goodwood facility by 50%.  More than 150 new jobs have been created to support the production of the company’s new model, the Rolls-Royce Ghost. By the end of 2009 Rolls Royce will have created almost 400 new jobs in under two years, bringing the total number of employees based at Goodwood, West Sussex to 900. The Rolls-Royce Ghost will be built on its own dedicated assembly line but will share paint, wood and leather workshops with the Phantom series of cars. Rolls-Royce has expanded all areas of its manufacturing facility over the last two years to prepare for the introduction of the Ghost model. Production will begin in the autumn with customer deliveries from early 2010.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Norilsk Nickel testing underground aerial drones at Kayerkansky mine

first_imgThe Norilsk Nickel Company plans to make an unmanned aerial vehicle, which could move independently inside mines, the company’s representative Levon Kirakosyan told reporters from Russia’s TASS news agency during an IT show. “We have tried using a drone under the ground without GPS communication…we have recorded test videos, and now we understand certain aspects of controlling a drone under the ground,” he said.“Our final objective is to make a drone, which may move independently under the ground, not requiring an operator – you come, put it next to the mine’s entrance, it flies down there, inspects it fully, returns and lands – that’s it, and we receive a recorded video and the mine’s 3D model.” This technology, he explained, will improve security – for now, a person has to go down the mine to do this type of inspection. Head of the Industrial Automation Department at Nornickel’s Polar Division Vadim Naftal said the company had tested in the mine’s remote areas at the Kayerkansky mine. “The results are very good…the potential is obvious.”last_img read more

Harrowing Sandy Hook 911 calls made public

first_imgTHE DISTRESSING CALLS made by teachers and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a lone shooter left 26 people dead, have been made public.On the calls, one man begs the dispatcher to send help.“There’s still shooting going on. Please.”The man tells the dispatcher that the school was locked down.Another call features a woman saying she had seen a glimpse of the gun held by Adam Lanza.It took Lanza just 11 minutes to shoot and kill 20 children and six staff at the school in Newtown, Connecticut. He had previously killed his mother at their home and shot himself as police closed in.This audio may be distressing to some listeners(AssociatedPress/YouTube)Newtown police officers were on scene within four minutes of the first 911 call, but confusion over the existence of a second shooter meant they didn’t enter the building for six minutes after they arrived.The prosecutor in charge of the Newtown investigation, State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, argued that releasing the tapes could cause pain for the victims’ families, hurt the investigation, subject witnesses to harassment and violate the rights of survivors who deserve special protection as victims of child abuse.A state judge dismissed those arguments last week.Releasing the recordings will “allow the public to consider and weigh what improvements, if any, should be made to law enforcement’s response to such incidents,” Superior Court Judge Eliot Prescott said.AP provided additional reportingRead: Sandy Hook shooter ‘was obsessed by Columbine’, but motive for massacre still unknownlast_img read more

Irish watchdog to investigate Facebooks controversial mood experiment

first_imgBRITISH AUTHORITIES WILL question Facebook over an experiment in which the social network secretly manipulated the feelings of users to test their mood, officials said Wednesday.Facebook tampered with the system used to create news feeds for 700,000 users to test “emotional contagion” for one week in 2012 without their knowledge. It did not seek explicit consent beforehand, but claims its Terms of Service contract with users permits blanket “research”.The Information Commissioner’s Office, Britain’s independent data watchdog, said it was now looking into the case.“We’re aware of this issue and will be speaking to Facebook, as well as liaising with the Irish data protection authority, to learn more about the circumstances,” a spokesman told AFP.Facebook’s European headquarters are based in the Irish capital Dublin, meaning EU laws, not US ones, apply to its operations.News of the psychological experiment has caused anger among Facebook’s more than one billion active users, with some calling it “super disturbing”, “creepy” and “evil”.Researchers wanted to see if the number of positive or negative words in messages the users read determined whether they then posted positive or negative content in their status updates.The study, conducted by researchers affiliated with Facebook and Cornell University and the University of California at San Francisco in the United States, was published in June.Facebook said it was “happy” to answer the British regulator’s questions.“It’s clear that people were upset by this study and we take responsibility for it,” a Facebook spokesman told AFP by email.“We want to do better in the future and are improving our process based on this feedback.“The study was done with appropriate protections for people’s information and we are happy to answer any questions regulators may have.”- © AFP, 2014Read: Google bought a music app which creates playlists based on your mood >Read: Author of controversial Facebook study says he’s sorry for anxiety caused >last_img read more

Doodle Google François Truffaut le cinéaste aux 400 coups

first_imgDoodle Google : François Truffaut, le cinéaste aux 400 coupsEn arrivant aujourd’hui sur la page de recherche principale de Google, vous pourrez choisir l’apparence de votre moteur parmi trois disponibles. Ces trois images de Doodle rendent hommage à François Truffaut, qui fêterait aujourd’hui son 80ème anniversaire. Retour sur un auteur, réalisateur, producteur, acteur et écrivain exceptionnel.François Truffaut est né le 6 février 1932 d’un père alors inconnu et d’une mère qui l’a confié à une nourrice dès son plus jeune âge. Un an plus tard, sa mère épouse Rolland Truffaut, dessinateur dans un cabinet d’architecte-décorateur. Ce dernier reconnaît l’enfant et ce dernier est inscrit à la maternelle de la rue Clauzel, puis au lycée Rollin, dans le IXème arrondissement de Paris.Le jeune françois à 7 ans, il est passionné de lecture…Et de cinéma. Il y va, passant souvent par le chemin des écoliers, une situation dont il s’inspirera par la suite pour son film les 400 coups. il compile plus de 300 dossiers sur les cinéastes comme Cocteau ou Clouzot, composés d’articles de journaux volés ou trouvés. Dans ses aventures de rues, il rencontre robert Lachenay, un enfant aussi concerné par la vie scolaire que lui, et ensemble, il rencontrent, en 1946, le critique de cinéma André Bazin.C’est à cette époque qu’il quitte l’école, accumule les petits travaux, apprend la vérité sur sa naissance, et, deux ans plus tard, ouvre un ciné-club avec son ami Lachenay, Cinémane, dans un cinéma du boulevard Saint Germain. Mais le projet n’arrive pas vivre financièrement parlant; il faut rembourser les billets et l’opération se termine mal…Au poste de police !Convoqué, le père de François Truffaut intervient, mais faisant lui-même l’objet d’une enquête de police, il est déchu de son autorité parentale. L’enfant est lui confié aux instances de l’ancêtre de la Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse, l’Education survéillée, qui le place au centre d’observation des délinquants mineurs de Villejuif.Du stylo à la bobineEn 1949, après 5 mois passés dans le centre de redressement, André Bazin lui propose d’intégrer le programme Travail et Culture, où il signera ses premiers articles dès 1950. Mais à la suite d’une déception amoureuse, il décide de s’engager dans l’armée, et d’aller au Vietnam pour y connaître une fin tragique. Mais il part en Allemagne où, là encore, il profite d’une permission pour reprendre “le chemin des écoliers”. Condamné pour desertion, il fait de la prison militaire puis se fait réformer pour “instabilité caractérielle”…Grâce, encore une fois, à André Bazin.Ce dernier va l’accueillir chez lui, et, après une expérience qui a tourné court au ministère de l’Agriculture, il publie des articles dans les Cahiers du Cinéma. Il entre, par la suite, dans la rédaction de Arts, en 1953, et fait figure de proue, aux cotés de Claude Chabrol, Jean-Luc Godard, Jacques Demy ou encore Eric Rohmer, de la “Nouvelle Vague”. Il signe un pamphlet “Une certaine tendance du cinéma français” et réalise un bout d’essai, une visite, et écrit le scénario d’à bout de souffle.En 1956, il devient assistant réalisateur de Roberto Rosselinni mais les oeuvres n’aboutissent pas. Fort heureusement pour Truffaut, l’une de ses critiques fait mouche aux yeux d’un auteur, Henri Pierre Roché, dont les oeuvres n’ont pas rencontré le succès escompté, et qui demande au jeune réalisateur de porter à l’écran l’un de ses ouvrages : Jules et Jim. Les idées défendues par François Truffaut prennent vie, autour du cinéma d’auteur, du plan séquence, et de la profondeur de champ.Une nouvelle vague…à succès1957 est une année à marquer d’une croix blanche pour François Truffaut : il fonde sa maison de production (Les films du Carosse) et se marie avec Madeleine, fille d’Ignace Morgenstern, propriétaire de la société de distribution cinématographique Cocinor. De cette union naîtra deux filles (Laura, en 1959 et Eva, en 1961), mais le couple se séparera en 1964.Entre ces deux dates, de nombreux succès : les quatre cents coups (1959), Tirez sur le pianiste l’année suivante, Jules et Jim en 1961, la peau douce en 1964. Les années passent et son succès ne se dément pas : Fahrenheit 451 (1966), l’enfant sauvage (1969), la nuit américaine (1971), l’histoire d’adèle H. en 1975, l’homme qui aimait les femmes (1977) ou encore le dernier métro (1980). Pour ne citer qu’eux…À lire aussiSotchi 2014 : des jeux olympiques d’hiver sans discrimination ouverts par un Doodle Google arc-en-cielMais il n’est pas que réalisateur et son emploi du temps est chargé : il est également producteur pour ses films et ceux d’autres, comme pour l’Enfance nue de Maurice Pialat. Il est également scénariste, dialoguiste et acteur; on se sonviendrait notamment de lui en chercheur français, dans Rencontres du troisième type de Steven Spielberg.Le 21 octobre 1984, François Truffaut meurt d’une tumeur au cerveau, à Neuilly sur Seine. Ce cinéaste passionné au parcours aventureux aurait eu 80 ans aujourd’hui. Google lui dédit son Doodle représentant trois films : Jules et Jim, les 400 coups et le Dernier métro.Le 6 février 2012 à 18:20 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Sprocati Deiola join Parma

first_imgParma have officially completed the signing of Mattia Sprocati from SS Lazio.The midfielder will join up with the newly promoted Serie A side on loan but the club have option to make the deal a permanent one. Sprocati signed a new five-year deal with the eternal city club back in June, after spending time on loan with Salernitana, which also owned by current Lazio president Claudio Lotito.“S.S Lazio announces it has sold the player Mattia Sprocati to Parma Calcio 1913 on loan with an option to buy,” a brief statement on the Aquile’s website confirms, as quoted by Football Italia.Parma’s coach is delighted after Sunday’s win Manuel R. Medina – September 2, 2019 According to Parma manager, Roberto D’Aversa, the team played well even after having so many difficulties in the first half of the match.Sprocati was on Parma’s books from 2012 to 2015, but he never made an appearance and was released when the club went bankrupt. The Ducali also confirmed the signing of Alessandro Deiola from Cagliari on a straight loan deal.Parma are back in the top tier of Italian football after suffering relegation to the Serie C, the third-tier of Italian football after the club went into administration due to bankruptcy.last_img read more

Driver OK after car slams into light pole in Fort Lauderdale catches

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – A car came to a fiery stop after it crashed into a light pole in Fort Lauderdale.Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue units responded to the scene of the crash along the 2600 block of Southwest 10th Street, just after 3 a.m., Sunday.Cellphone video showed the vehicle fully engulfed in flames.No injuries were reported.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

TDP leader Devineni Uma comments on Polavaram project

first_imgVijayawada: The TDP senior leader and former minister Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao has clarified that there is no corruption in the construction of the Polavaram project. Speaking to media in Vijayawada, Devineni Uma said that with the instructions of the engineering experts committee the copper dam construction has been taken up. CM YS Jagan’s comments over the project are meaningless. Also Read – Women docs appointed in key posts in Tirupati Advertise With Us Devineni Uma said in accordance with the norms, the Polavaram project construction is been carried out. He said 60 percent of upper copper dam works have been completed. Uma also appealed the government not to ignore the construction works but to complete the project. He said the people of the state remembers what YS Jagan has said over Kaleshwaram project at Kurnool Jala Deeksha. Devineni Uma criticized that YS Jagan has spent more time at Kaleshwaram project than the Polavaram project.last_img read more

Hamali workers stage sitin to protest government move in

first_imgNalgonda: All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) national council member Ujjini Ratnakar Rao demanded the government to address the issues of civil supply hamali workers.On Monday, he participated as guest to a sit-in by civil supply hamali workers at the Nalgonda collectorate.Addressing the workers, he said, “Government wants to ruin the lives of hamali workers in the name of cash deposits in bank accounts. This move will deprive hamalis of their employment across the State and lakhs of dependents would suffer for their bread and butter.” Also Read – Golden 90’s Music Superstars – Alka Yagnik & Kumar Sanu LIVE in Concert will be performing together for the very 1st time in the city of pearls,… Advertise With Us He demanded the employers to pay wages as demanded by the workers and asked the government to keep its promise it made to them earlier. AITUC district general secretary P Devender Reddy demanded the government to implement Supreme Court’s ruling of equal pay for equal work. He blamed the government for not implementing apex court’s directions and expressed concern over government’s negligent attitude towards workers problems. He demanded the government to pay Rs 18,000 as minimum salary besides regularising their services.last_img read more