Hungary is ready Mocsai chose 18 players – Katzirz stays at home

Line players: SCHUCH Timuzsin (MKB Veszprém KC), SZÖLLŐSI Szabolcs (Csurgói KK), ZUBAI Szabolcs (Pick-Szeged) Right back: ANCSIN Gábor (Pick-Szeged), KRIVOKAPICS Milorad (Cimos Koper, szlovén), LALUSKA Balázs (MKB Veszprém KC), MOCSAI Tamás (SG Flensburg, német) ← Previous Story Hungary off to EURO 2012 after a victory against Bahrain Next Story → Wenta on the match against Serbia: “Our first final” Goalkeeper: FAZEKAS Nándor (MKB Veszprém KC), MIKLER Roland (Pick-Szeged), TATAI Péter (Pick-Szeged) Right wing: HARSÁNYI Gergely (Tatabánya Carbonex KC), IVÁNCSIK Tamás (MKB Veszprém KC) Hungarian NT coach, Lajos Mocsai decided to take 18 players to Serbia at the EHF EURO 2012.  Experienced coach made tough decision to leave one of the older NT member, David Katzirz at home. Hungarian left back had a lot of problems with injuries in the past few years and Mocsai thinks that he isn’t capable for such a competition as European Championship.HUNGARIAN SQUAD FOR THE EHF EURO 2012: Left backs: ILYÉS Ferenc (MKB Veszprém KC), PUTICS Barna (VfL Gummersbach, német) Left wings: IVÁNCSIK Gergő (MKB Veszprém KC), VADKERTI Attila (Pick-Szeged) Playmakers: CSÁSZÁR Gábor (MKB Veszprém KC), NAGY Kornél (Dunkerque HB, francia) read more

Switzerland looking for a new headcoach – Goran Perkovac at GWD Minden

Swiss Handball will enter a new era with the new head-coach. After five years Goran Perkovac (51) won’t be on the Swiss bench. Bad results in the qualification for the Men’s EHF EURO 2014 forced Swiss management to think about some new solution for the future. Swiss team won only a point from six matches in the Group with Spain, Portugal and Macedonia.That fact didn’t make problem to Croatian coach to find a new job. Perkovac will lead German GWD Minden, team which interim coach Sead Hasanefendic accepted an offer to lead Tunisia once again after tremendeous success in 2005, when African team finished fourth at GWD Minden website ← Previous Story Nikola Kedzo to RK Metalurg Skopje Next Story → Joakim Larsson to VfL Gummersbach Goran PerkovacGWD MindenSwiss handball

TOP 25 HandballPlanetcom countries in 2015

2. 10. 16. 76,484(9.95%) 10,720(1.39%) Poland 73,424(9.55%) Sweden Brazil 7,521(0.98%) 24. 19. 17. Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina 21. Italy Macedonia 5. 7,744(1.01%) 21,892(2.85%) 25. 9,829(1.28%) France Spain 36,699(4.77%) Slovakia 15,915(2.07%) 8. 30,111(3.92%) 21,941(2.85%) 9,089(1.18%) 18,065(2.35%) Netherlands Portugal 28,263(3.68%) United Kingdom United States 12,021(1.56%) 15,571(2.02%) 54,148(7.04%) 6. 35,206(4.58%) Handball Planet in 2015 18. Romania 15. Denmark 23. 13,648(1.77%) 20,420(2.66%) Greece Iceland 21,387(2.78%) Slovenia Hungary Year 2015 in numbers! Over 770.000 visits by 415.000 unique visitors who opened 1.900.000 pages. The country No.1 in number of visitors was Germany ahead of Poland, Hungary, Denmark and Romania.Read about TOP 50 cities…Here are TOP 20 countries: 49,346(6.42%) 20. Serbia 14. Norway 9,212(1.20%) 12. Germany Austria 9. 1. 3. 4. 11. 8,633(1.12%) 7. 13. Montenegro 66,114(8.60%) 22. ← Previous Story Last week of voting for MIZUNO FEMALE WORLD PLAYER AND COACH 2015! Next Story → Dujshebaev with 18 players – No place for Lekai, Balogh and Ilyes read more

Danijel Šarić to Al Quiada – Ristovski goes to Barca

← Previous Story Viktor Szilagyi to play 200th match for Austria Next Story → FATHER & SON: Alex Dujshebaev to Kielce? Borko RistovskiDanijel SaricQatar Experienced Qatari NT goalkeeper, Danijel Šarić (37) signed contract with Qatari team Al Quiada, finds out One of the world’s best goalies will leave FC Barcelona Lassa next summer with, at least, two trophies of the VELUX EHF Champions League, and starts new adventure with the ambitious team from Doha, who will try to be more competitive for two leading forces El Jaish and Lekhwya.Free place between Barca’s posts alongside Gonzalo Perez de Vargas attracted many goalies, but according Spanish and Macedonian media, Rhein Neckar Lowen member, Borko Ristovski, made a deal with reigning EHF CL champions. The Macedonian NT goalie should stay in Barcelona until summer 2018. read more

Maccabi Rishon win Israeli Super Cup

← Previous Story Uros Zorman to re-think about retirement: France 2017? We will see… Next Story → Petar Nenadic (Fuchse Berlin): We want fourth place in DKB Bundesliga Maccabi Rishon Maccabi Rishon celebrate the first trophy in the new season 2016/2017. The Yellow-Blue beat Ramat Hasharon 25:21 in the Super Cup Final after breathtaking semi-final with four extra-time periods against Hapoel Tel Aviv.The reigning champions Maccabi Tel Aviv are defeated in semis against Ramat Hasharon.

Second man charged over €1 million cannabis plant haul

first_imgA SECOND MAN has been charged this evening in connection with the discovery of €1 million worth of cannabis plants in Tralee, Co Kerry, earlier this week.On Monday, gardaí seized over 1,000 plants with a street value in excess of €1 million following planned searches in Clash, Tralee. Two men were arrested at the scene and one man in his late 20s was charged the following day.The second man, a 29-year-old, will appear at Dingle District Court tomorrow at 10.30am in connection with the seizure.Related: Court appearance for man over drugs seizure>Read: Man jumps from roof to escape as gardaí uncover cannabis operation>last_img

Harrowing Sandy Hook 911 calls made public

first_imgTHE DISTRESSING CALLS made by teachers and staff at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where a lone shooter left 26 people dead, have been made public.On the calls, one man begs the dispatcher to send help.“There’s still shooting going on. Please.”The man tells the dispatcher that the school was locked down.Another call features a woman saying she had seen a glimpse of the gun held by Adam Lanza.It took Lanza just 11 minutes to shoot and kill 20 children and six staff at the school in Newtown, Connecticut. He had previously killed his mother at their home and shot himself as police closed in.This audio may be distressing to some listeners(AssociatedPress/YouTube)Newtown police officers were on scene within four minutes of the first 911 call, but confusion over the existence of a second shooter meant they didn’t enter the building for six minutes after they arrived.The prosecutor in charge of the Newtown investigation, State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, argued that releasing the tapes could cause pain for the victims’ families, hurt the investigation, subject witnesses to harassment and violate the rights of survivors who deserve special protection as victims of child abuse.A state judge dismissed those arguments last week.Releasing the recordings will “allow the public to consider and weigh what improvements, if any, should be made to law enforcement’s response to such incidents,” Superior Court Judge Eliot Prescott said.AP provided additional reportingRead: Sandy Hook shooter ‘was obsessed by Columbine’, but motive for massacre still unknownlast_img read more

Here are the Merrill Lynch reports that underestimated the bank bailout by

first_imgTHIS WEEK, WE reported on the news that Merrill Lynch underestimated the costs of the bank bailout by €47bn in a 2008 report for the then government.The documents (links below), released to Sinn Fein finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty under freedom of information, show a presentation and briefing document prepared for the Department of Finance and the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) in October and November 2008.They show the low estimate itself, as well as various options that were considered to deal with the banking crisis.Read: Merrill Lynch presentation to Department of Finance November 2008>Read: Merrill Lynch presentation to National Treasury Management Agency October 2008>last_img

Irish watchdog to investigate Facebooks controversial mood experiment

first_imgBRITISH AUTHORITIES WILL question Facebook over an experiment in which the social network secretly manipulated the feelings of users to test their mood, officials said Wednesday.Facebook tampered with the system used to create news feeds for 700,000 users to test “emotional contagion” for one week in 2012 without their knowledge. It did not seek explicit consent beforehand, but claims its Terms of Service contract with users permits blanket “research”.The Information Commissioner’s Office, Britain’s independent data watchdog, said it was now looking into the case.“We’re aware of this issue and will be speaking to Facebook, as well as liaising with the Irish data protection authority, to learn more about the circumstances,” a spokesman told AFP.Facebook’s European headquarters are based in the Irish capital Dublin, meaning EU laws, not US ones, apply to its operations.News of the psychological experiment has caused anger among Facebook’s more than one billion active users, with some calling it “super disturbing”, “creepy” and “evil”.Researchers wanted to see if the number of positive or negative words in messages the users read determined whether they then posted positive or negative content in their status updates.The study, conducted by researchers affiliated with Facebook and Cornell University and the University of California at San Francisco in the United States, was published in June.Facebook said it was “happy” to answer the British regulator’s questions.“It’s clear that people were upset by this study and we take responsibility for it,” a Facebook spokesman told AFP by email.“We want to do better in the future and are improving our process based on this feedback.“The study was done with appropriate protections for people’s information and we are happy to answer any questions regulators may have.”- © AFP, 2014Read: Google bought a music app which creates playlists based on your mood >Read: Author of controversial Facebook study says he’s sorry for anxiety caused >last_img read more

Investor confidence in Irish economy hits fouryear high

first_imgCONFIDENCE IN THE Irish economy is higher than at any other point in the last four years, with 82% of Irish investors now saying that they are positive on the outlook for the economy over the next three months.The situation is in marked contrast with 2010, when, at the depth of the economic recession, just one in ten expressed confidence in the economy.The figures are contained in the RaboDirect Investor Barometer monitoring tool report for June.The good sentiment extended to the global economy, with 85% expressing confidence there, and 81% saying that their personal financial situation is strong.RaboDirect investment manager Killian Nolan said: “We’ve seen a sustained rebound in investor confidence in the global economy since the beginning of 2013 and this has now been match by a strong upturn in confidence in the Irish economy during the first half of the year.”Low ratesNolan pointed to the positive forecasts and macroeconomic indicators for the domestic economy as one of the main drivers of confidence.Last week it emerged that the economy grew by 2.7% in the first quarter, beating expectations. The tax take for the first half of the year was also €500 million ahead of target.However, Nolan also pointed out that the broader European fiscal stance has been a strong supporter of investor confidence.“Another key factor contributing to investor optimism is the historically low interest rates set by the European Central Bank which look set to continue for the foreseeable future.”This is driving a search for better yields and making investment opportunities such as global stocks a more attractive proposition.”This is mirrored in investor attitude towards stock yields, with 66% saying that there is value to be found there.Just over half indicated a preference for equities, with 24% favouring cash. Bonds were seen as a good investment option by 11%, with 14% saying that property is a safe bet.Read: How are small businesses feeling about the next few months?>Read: The economy grew by 2.7% in the first three months of the year>last_img read more

Portugal is bailing its biggest bank out with €49 billion

first_imgPORTUGAL IS TO spend around €4.9 billion to bail out its largest bank.The move to save Banco Espirito Santo (BES) comes after a week of frantic negotiations aimed at avoiding a run on the bank, which is the main part of the country’s third-largest banking group.BES will be split into two entities, with its toxic assets isolated in a “bad bank” and its healthier assets regrouped in a new bank called simply Novo Banco. The bank recorded a €3.57 billion loss last week.In stepping in, the Lisbon government is seeking to avoid contamination throughout its fragile economy and into the wider eurozone. It comes not long after the country exited its own bailout programme.“There was an urgent need to adopt a solution to guarantee the protection of deposits and assure the stability of the banking system,” Bank of Portugal governor Carlos Costa said.The European Commission in Brussels assured that Portugal’s intervention “is adequate to restore confidence in financial stability and to ensure the continuity of services and avoid potential adverse systemic effects”.The cash injection from the state is designed to stop savers pulling any more money out of the bank, and to assure them their money is safe, analysts said.AFP contributed reporting Read: Argentina just burned its bondholders – could we have done the same?last_img read more

Microsoft Office 365 launches as public beta

first_imgBack in October 2010, Microsoft announced Office 365, the company’s first cloud-based productivity software product and, some would say, a direct response to Google Apps. On Sunday, Microsoft announced that Office 365 would now be offered as a public beta to both small businesses and enterprises.The small business beta is open for companies with up to 25 employees who need a solution that doesn’t require an IT staff, but still offers essential email, calendar, and website services. There is also an enterprise version for any size organization looking for more features and control, Office Professional Plus, Active Directory, and high-end archiving. Once an account is activated, which may take 2-4 weeks as part of the beta, users will have 30 days (from activation) to decide whether they would like to purchase the service or not.Introductions to both the small business and enterprise offerings are below. Small business owners are billed month-to-month starting at $6/user while those enrolling in the enterprise program have four plans to choose from starting at $10/user/month for the E1 plan. Currently, only the E3 plan, which begins at $24/user/month, is available in the public beta. All four (E1-E4) are described below.In conjunction with the launch of Office 365 to the public, Microsoft is also offering what it is referring to as the Office 365 Marketplace. The marketplace includes a number of recommended partners that are able to help deploy an Office 365 solution as well as other services and featured applications that can work with the productivity suite. For all of these (websites, collaboration, messaging, etc.) Microsoft promises 99.9% uptime which may ease fears by some companies who require a high degree of uptime in support of their business.Read more at the Microsoft Office 365 Blog, Microsoft news release and the Office 365 website.Brian’s OpinionI have really been surprised how long Microsoft has taken to offer a cloud-based productivity suite. I based this on its dominance with its client-based Microsoft Office suite, but perhaps it’s that dominance that caused the delay. The executives at Microsoft have taken a “wait and see” attitude before beginning down the road of offering a cloud-based version of Office. Unfortunately, while taking that pause, Google went ahead and offered their own cloud-based apps and almost certainly grabbed some early customers who would have considered a similar Microsoft offering.Google had one great advantage which enabled it to launch Google Apps first: it didn’t have to worry about undermining an existing (and hugely profitable) product. Microsoft does have to worry about that. They could lose a considerable amount of revenue if there is a fast shift to the online offering for Office rather than the traditional client-based software. In return though, Microsoft does gain the holy grail of revenue for a software company: subscription revenue.Microsoft has for a long time been trying to move companies to a subscription model. Companies that currently sign up for a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement must commit to deploy a desktop-based product such as Windows 7, Microsoft Office or client access licenses to all business PC’s. Microsoft previously only offered perpetual licensing for this agreement which means if you terminate the agreement you are no longer entitled to upgrade rights, but you get to keep the software and any previous upgrades you received. Now, Microsoft EA customers have a new subscription option which entitles them to software and upgrade rights like the perpetual program, but the big caveat is if you walk away from the agreement you walk away with nothing which encourages companies to continue their subscription. Office 365 is clearly an extension of this subscription business model by Microsoft to guarantee revenue annually.last_img read more

Google pays 23 more than industry average and then theres the perks

first_imgWorking at Google has its perks. From amazing cafeterias to sleeping pods, Google employees definitely have it good. But besides being able to ride around the office on Razor scooters, Google’s employees have another thing to be happy about. Google employees are the best-paid in the IT industry. In fact, they make 23 percent more than the IT industry’s market pay average.A PayScale survey said that Google employees with 10 years of experience make about $141,000. Microsoft came in second with a mid-career pay of $127,000. Microsoft, on the other hand, will start its employees off at a higher rate than Google. Microsoft highest average starting salary is $86,900, whereas Google’s is $82,600. Facebook trailed behind with an average starting salary pay of $59,100.If you can’t get a job at Google, Amazon was found to pay 17 percent more than the industry average with a starting salary of $72,200 and a mid-career salary of $110,000. Both Apple and Microsoft pay 15 percent more than the IT standard.Besides being paid significantly more than the average, Google employees also save money in tons of other ways, making their paychecks last longer. For example, Googlers don’t have to pay for their meals at the office. They have a plethora of chef-prepared choices, some of which come from produce grown right at the office. Employees can eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for free. They even have barbeques during the summer. So, Googlers can save on groceries.In addition, they also have multiple gyms and trainers at the office, so there’s another major expense to cross off the list. Going to the doctor won’t cost you a dime either and you won’t have to make time to leave the office to visit your doc. Google has its own doctor on hand to help them out. If you don’t have time to do your laundry during the work week, you can just take it with you to work and do it at Google. Yes, you’ll still have to do your own laundry, but it’s free, and you can do it between making your own cappuccinos and espresso. You can also drop your laundry off for dry cleaning, alterations, and also shoe repair, which we assume will cost you something.Besides saving money on food, coffee, fitness, health, and laundry, the Google office also has other perks, like sleep pods for taking naps, a masseuse on hand that gives you a free massage on your birthday, and use of a fleet of Toyota Prii (plural for Prius). We could go on and on about why Google is an awesome place to work, but instead, you can just drool over the video below from the Travel channel.Read more at Computer World UKlast_img read more

iPad Mini launch rumored for October

first_imgThe tablet space is starting to get a little crowded. While the iPad Best Price at Amazon is still seated far above the others in terms of sales, the competition is starting to get it together. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire have started to make some dents in Apple’s market share.Apple has been famously opposed to 7-inch tablets, but the rumors surrounding a new 7.85-inch iPad Mini are reaching deafening levels. It very well could be that Apple plans to put a stop to the growth that these smaller, less expensive devices have been scratching out with a new device of their own. Instead of announcing this tablet at the same time that the new iPhone is announced, Apple is expected to hold a separate event in October to release this new tablet.October is expected to be a very interesting month for gadgets. Amazon and Google will be busy fighting with each other after the new Kindle devices are on shelves, and Microsoft has planned the release of their Surface tablet on the 26th.Throwing a new iPad into that mix will create an interesting powder keg. Apple’s tablet offerings are soon to be challenged by three different competitors, and each of their tablets offer an impressive take on how we should be computing. Depending on when in October the iPad Mini would be announced, Microsoft’s Surface tablet risks being drowned out by consumers eager to try Apple’s latest device.Like the Surface tablet, there’s still no mention of price for the new iPad yet. Apple has never been a company particularly interested in racing to the bottom, but it will be difficult to convince consumers that the iPad mini is worth the extra cash. The Nexus 7 especially has demonstrated an amazing experience for $200, and with the holiday season upon us, price will be a significant factor.via Bloomberglast_img read more

Leaked iPhone 5S front panel shows Apple hasnt changed design at all

first_imgThe models of the iPhone carrying an S after the number are typically just a tweaked update rather than a revolutionary increment. From the outside they looks the same, but inside you will find some updated components and new software features. In the case of the iPhone 4S, Apple added Siri and iCloud as well as a faster CPU and GPU.Later this year we are expecting Apple to roll out the iPhone 5S, and it looks to be the same deal as the move from the iPhone 4 to 4S. Evidence of that comes from FanaticFone, which claims to have got its hands on the front panel of the iPhone 5S.As you can see from the image above and below, very little has changed. In fact, everything about the iPhone 5S front panel looks to be exactly the same as the iPhone 5. The only difference you may notice is the flex cable, but that’s going to be hidden from view inside the phone casing.If this actually is the iPhone 5S, then we shouldn’t expect any surprise announcements from Apple when they officially announce it. The updated smartphone is probably going to have the same Retina display (not Double Retina) and same look as the iPhone 5, but inside it will have a new CPU/GPU combination and run iOS 7. We may also see some new or updated software features included.The next major update will be iPhone 6, including whatever new technology Apple has managed to perfect before October 2014. But this year, just expect another hardware bump to keep sales turning over and entice those still on a 4 or 4S to upgrade.last_img read more

Eat at Our Table Café run by Irelands migrant community opens at

first_img Feb 17th 2018, 7:30 AM Cooking is very therapeutic. You come home to cook, and you feel different. It’s a way of therapy and to meet new people.She said this was a “community-driven project” where people of different ethnicities could meet and talk to one another.“We’re asking people to come along and support Our Table. It gives out a strong message that you can create spaces for people in Direct Provision instead of waiting.”Saturday evening, the café launch will be held from 6.30pm for invited guests, and will include food and music as well as talks from people living in Direct Provision.Welcoming the launch the cathedral’s Dean, Reverend Dermot Dunne, said that the marks and signs of a living church community were evidenced in its outreach beyond its walls to the wider community.“The cathedral’s commitment to engage with those in the Direct Provision system is evidence of just one of many social outreach programmes adopted by the cathedral.“It is a joy that one of the fruits of this outreach is the launch of the Our Table enterprise. It is good that the cathedral facilities can be used in such a productive and empowering way and I am very happy to endorse this programme,” Dean Dunne added.Read: Rise in deportations ‘worrying and stressful’ as department denies official crackdown policyRead: Stephen Rea opens pop-up café aiming to raise awareness about Direct Provision 20,695 Views Image: LittlenySTOCK via Shutterstock 55 Comments Eat at Our Table: Café run by Ireland’s migrant community opens at Christ Church “It gives out a strong message that you can create spaces for people in Direct Provision instead of waiting.” Share365 Tweet Email4 This year we decided to get a space, so we’ll be running a food store at Christ Church every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for the foreseeable future.On those days, a ten-person team of volunteers will work as waiters, managers, and chefs among other jobs, to hand out food for people between 10am and 4.30pm.“If it picks up we might change it to more days,” she said. From what she had gathered from the number of RSVPs and calls she had received, she was expecting the kitchen to be “highly in demand”, she said.The idea is to highlight the problems with Direct Provision, that there’s a situation that doesn’t allow people to cook their own food or give people the right to work. Saturday 17 Feb 2018, 7:30 AM FROM THIS SATURDAY, a café will be set up in the outdoor area of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin that’s run by Ireland’s migrant communities.The project is called Our Table, and began as a pop-up kitchen in 2016 in the Project Arts Centre. It describes itself as “a community-driven, non-profit project aiming to highlight the need to end Direct Provision in Ireland”.Direct Provision is the government programme that facilitates 4,300 asylum seekers in Ireland while they wait for their applications to be processed. It gives people just under €20 a week for expenses, and houses people in hotels, which doesn’t give them cooking facilities, or the right to work.One of the founders and director of the Our Table project, Ellie Kisyombe told that after their three-month run in the Project Arts Centre, they decided to look for a more permanent residence for the project, to “facilitate change through conversation over food”. By Gráinne Ní Aodha Image: LittlenySTOCK via Shutterstock Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Anger management classes could help stem violence among young men

first_img Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Feb 12th 2017, 7:45 AM 5,848 Views A YOUTH MENTAL health expert has said services are needed to help young men to better articulate their frustrations to defuse their anger before it tips over into violence.Joseph Duffy CEO of Jigsaw, which provides mental health services for teenagers and young adults, said 44% of the young people who present to his colleagues are male.“One of the things we see in terms of the difference between some of the young men and women who present is that the young women are often more articulate in being able to say they feel anxious,” he explained.“The men who come in talk about physical issues and about feeling angry and that’s an easier and probably more masculine thing to talk about first.”The issue of ‘anger management’ among Ireland’s young men was raised again last month, after the violent murder of 17-year-old Reece Cullen who was stabbed to death in Jobstown in Dublin.On RTÉ’s Morning Ireland at the time, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin spoke of what he described as “a changing culture of violence going on in the city”.“We have a situation which knives are becoming the preferred weapon in some conflicts and they’re so easy to obtain. You can go to any large store, you can find them in any kitchen,” he said.“In the past, if a scuffle broke out, people came away with a bleeding nose, now people get killed and maimed.”Duffy said part of Jigsaw’s work is about helping young men to be able to articulate their anger, frustration or anxiety.If they were to end up in a physical altercation, if you track that back – was that the end point or did their temper got the better of them?His organisation is already doing work with the GAA, for example, to raise awareness of mental health services, he said. The Offaly county team even has the slogan ‘Jigsaw’s got your back’ on their jerseys.“That legitimises this youth mental health service, it puts it literally on the backs of the GAA Offaly team. A lot of this is about the message they get from the people who are championing things in their communities that they value. So we talk to the young people themselves but also the coaches, trainers and managers about things to look out for,” he said.In 2012 Jigsaw did a survey of 14,000 young people in Ireland about their mental health and Duffy said they hope to do a follow-up survey this year – with part of that looking at how they can best give young men these messages.Read: The number of people self-harming in Ireland is continuing to rise>Read: Depression, stress and emigration: Why medical students need to talk about mental health> Anger management classes could help stem violence among young men Call for services to better tackle the ‘changing culture of violence’ in Irish society. Sunday 12 Feb 2017, 7:45 AM Short URL Share20 Tweet Email Young men need access to services to help them defuse anger before it reaches boiling point, warns mental health charity CEO. Young men need access to services to help them defuse anger before it reaches boiling point, warns mental health charity CEO. 23 Comments By Michelle Hennessylast_img read more

We seek truth and justice Friends of Danielle McLaughlin make appeal for

first_img Short URL Image: Facebook Sunday 16 Apr 2017, 2:05 PM ‘We seek truth and justice’: Friends of Danielle McLaughlin make appeal for information McLaughlin (28) was raped and murdered on 13 March this year. Image: Facebook No Comments By Garreth MacNamee At this time we are especially interested in any mobile phone or cellular device footage that you may have, if you were present in Goa for the Holi Festival in the area of the Festival Valley at Palolem Beach and Collomb Bay on the 13th March 2017, and the days leading up to the 13th March 2017.Anyone with any information, pictures or videos is being urged to or you can email the lead lawyer acting on behalf of Danielle’s family at des@desmondjdoherty.comSpeaking after her death, McLaughlin’s mother, Andrea Brannigan, said that the young woman will be “sadly missed by us all”.“The family would like to express our thanks to all who have got in touch since receiving this awful news,” Brannigan told the Press Association.As you can expect we are finding it very difficult at this trying time. We want to thank the Irish and British consulates, along with Colin from the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust, and many friends who have assisted at this time. Danielle will be sadly missed by us all.Comments have been turned off as legal proceedings are ongoing.Read: Ceremonies underway to remember those who died in the Easter Rising >Read: Turkey is at a crossroads as millions turn out at referendum vote – but what is actually happening? >center_img Apr 16th 2017, 2:05 PM Share Tweet Email FRIENDS OF MURDERED Donegal woman Danielle McLaughlin have appealed to anyone who was in the Goa area of India to send them any video footage they have of the Holi festival.McLaughlin (28) was raped and murdered on 13 March this year. Her body was found in the Palolem area of India. To date, one person has been charged with criminal offences in relation to her death.McLaughlin was born in Glasgow and grew up in Buncrana, Donegal before going to university in Liverpool.She had left Ireland in February to go travelling and was in the coastal Canacona area celebrating the Holi festival.A spokesperson for the Truth for Danielle Campaign said that they ”are making an international plea for help and assistance to all those who believe they can provide us with any information at all”. 11,788 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Landline operator fined after sending bills to pensioner for service it didnt

first_img Image: Shutterstock/Bacho 24,121 Views Monday 19 Jun 2017, 5:32 PM Jun 19th 2017, 5:32 PM DISCOUNT LANDLINE OPERATOR Yourtel has been fined €2,500 and ordered to pay €10,000 in legal costs for repeatedly billing a retired school teacher for a service it did not provide.Dublin District Court heard that pensioner Briain Mac Diarmada, 74, was threatened with debt collectors and reported to a credit ratings agency when he took a stand against the phone company.Following an investigation by industry watchdog Comreg, German telecom firm Yourtel went on trial on a charge under the Communications Act for charging Briain Mac Diarmada for a service or product that was requested but not supplied.The offence can result in a fine of up to €5,000.Judge John Brennan convicted the firm and accepted the offence would have caused Mac Diarmada to fret.He imposed the €2,500 fine and agreed to make an order compelling the firm to pay Comreg’s costs.The company, which has claimed to operate the lowest-priced landline calls in the country, entered the Irish market in 2013 and had pleaded not guilty to the charge.“Out of the blue”Mac Diarmada, from Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow, told Judge Brennan that in 2013 he switched from Eircom to Yourtel for calls.He said that after being cold-called “out of the blue”, he entered into a new contract with Yourtel in October 2014 but in January 2016 he noticed that he had been being billed by both Yourtel and Eircom for calls.He was supposed to be billed by Eircom for line rental only and by Yourtel for calls, the court heard.After realising he was paying twice he contacted Yourtel and learned it was not providing the service.He told the court he decided “I would take a stand” and not pay the latest €23.95 bill. He said that at the end of January he received a correspondence from Yourtel demanding payment of the bill as well as late payment fee.He agreed with prosecution counsel Ronan Kennedy that he received further correspondence from Yourtel on 9 March last year.He said this informed him his account was being deactivated and that “I have sent your data to a debt collection agency” and the letter went on to say his data had been filed with a credit agency. The letter ended with “Yours Sincerely, Yourtel Legal Department,” the court heard.Mr Mac Diarmada said he was “deeply unimpressed”, he did not like his data being passed to a credit agency and he had never been threatened before.He wrote to Yourtel explaining that he had wanted to be connected.He agreed with Kennedy that he was charged for a product which had not been provided and he then contacted Comreg and gave them documentation to support his case. He said he did not receive the service from September 2014 until January 2016.He said that as far as he was concerned he had a contract with Yourtel and it was broken by the company. He agreed with defence counsel Oisin Clarke that in April last year his account was terminated and the bill was waived.Eircom’s head of Operations Support Systems told the court that during the period in question all calls on the line were provided by Eircom not by Yourtel.The court heard the onus was on the telecom company gaining a new customer to organise a seamless transfer of calls from the previous provider.Refused a refundMiriam Kilraine, Regulatory Operations Manager at Comreg, said Yourtel had refused to refund the customer.Clarke, defending, said that in August last year Yourtel apologised to the pensioner and had informed him that an employee had been disciplined. She disagreed that it was unfair that summons were issued while Yourtel were attempting to resolve Mac Diarmada complaint.The court heard that Yourtel does not have premises in Ireland but use a distribution service with an address at Kill Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin to forward post to their address in Germany.Last year in prosecution brought by the office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Yourtel was fined €5,000 for unwanted marketing calls targeting Eir customers.The company had also been spared a court conviction in 2015 by paying €2,500 to charity after it was prosecuted by Comreg for other communications offences.Read: Court of Appeal finds woman who sued partner’s parents after she lost an eye entitled to €200,000Read: Judge feels ‘mentally sick’ over ‘rotten’ Garda fixed charge penalties Share234 Tweet Email1 Short URL Landline operator fined after sending bills to pensioner for service it didn’t provide Yourtel was also ordered to pay €10,000 in legal costs. By Tom Tuite Image: Shutterstock/Bacho 10 Comments Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more